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House Rundown, "Wilson"

Last night our favorite doctor took a backseat so that we could get further insight into the world's nicest man, James Wilson. Over the seasons we've become familiar with the Yin to House's Yang, but we've never really had a good look at how Wilson works. And while it was definitely a fascinating angle, I severely missed the House diagnostics team and thought the episode was a bit dull. I guess nice guys aren't as compelling as a self-important jerks.

I realize those could be considered fighting words, so before we argue, let's go over the highlights. Prepare for some spoilers and


  • Did the start of the episode make anyone else nervous? I kept waiting for someone to get shot. I was also surprised to find out that Wilson's friend Tucker is a former patient. It makes you wonder if Wilson has any other friends. Didn't anyone like the guy in med school?
  • I loved seeing Wilson in action. Unlike House, who gets medical epiphanies via unrelated actions, Wilson is able to diagnose Mr. Clinton's new problem just by being a caring and thoughtful person. House may be a genius, but if I'm sick I definitely want Wilson to be my doctor.
  • At one point House says that Cuddy's relationship with Lucas is her equivalent of a midlife crisis. Do you agree with that, or do you think she's finally moving on with her life?
  • Three words: margarita Jell-O shots. Although, everyone knows Jell-O shots go in the fridge, not the freezer.
  • Were you surprised that Wilson donates part of his liver? I was actually more surprised that he agonizes so long over it.
  • In the end it's clear why Wilson sticks with House. Truth is, he's never going to have a more loyal friend. Yet I wonder if the loyalty is worth it. When House says that Wilson could publish the results of the test so that no one would ever double the chemo dose again, I thought it was pretty low, even for House. How about you? If you were Wilson could you deal with House?
  • I might not be able to cope with House, but I'm glad Wilson can. My hands down favorite scene of the night was when Wilson is in recovery and House is telling him a story. Their relationship just makes me melt a little. If you're wondering, my second favorite scene was when House is soaking wet for no necessary reason. I love how the writers just want to have fun with us all.
  • Did you think Tucker would end up back with his girlfriend, or did you — like Wilson — assume he'd go home to his family?
  • What do you think of House and Wilson moving into a big ol' bachelor pad together? I love all the House/Wilson moments, but let's just pray the writers use it sparingly. It would be a shame if the charm wore thin.

So what did you think of last night's Wilson-centric episode? Were you thrilled to see how Wilson ticks, or were you a little bit bored too? Let us all know in the comments, and then head over to the House! group to chat some more.

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