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Let's Get Lost: "Happily Ever After" Recap

This week's Lost brought back one of my favorite characters (Desmond, brotha!). It was nice to see his familiar face, because frankly, I felt like I needed my own constant to navigate the time switching going on.

In the sideways world, we're finally seeing the characters come together and getting a glimpse at why the alternate reality is important. My head is still throbbing from all of the episode's reveals (and the many, many questions it raises), so let's start trying to dissect this mess when you


  • Desmond is back on the island by order of Charles Widmore. He says Desmond must undergo a test, otherwise "everyone will be gone forever." The test: giant electromagnets. Widmore mentions that his son died doing the same thing, but he has hope for Desmond since he's the only one who has survived an electromagnetic event. He straps Desmond to a chair, turns the machine on, and Desmond is in anguish until (surprise!) we flash to the sideways world.
  • It's George from the freighter! The character reappears as Desmond's car driver, picking him up at the airport. Desmond is a business guy with a big-time boss — Charles Widmore. Yep, Desmond is Widmore's right hand (they even hug), and no, he's not married. In fact, there is no mention of Penny yet, but we do see Charlie again.
  • Desmond is given the task of bringing Charlie to Mrs. Widmore (who is actually Eloise Hawking). Seems that Widmore wants his son (yes, he's alive) to play with Charlie's band at a party. Rounding him up is easier said than done. Charlie spouts a story about seeing his love while choking on his drug bag on the plane. The woman in question is Claire, and to prove a point about his vision, he drives Desmond's car into the water. Here's a question: Did Widmore and Eloise want to get their hands on Charlie because they knew he had seen a glimpse of the alternate reality? To somehow squash his visions?
  • As Desmond pulls Charlie out of the car, Charlie puts his hand against the glass, mimicking when he was dying on the island. Suddenly Desmond pictures that moment with the writing "not Penny's boat." In the hospital post-accident, Desmond undergoes an MRI — paralleling Widmore's electromagnetic machine — and has visions of Penny. Even when the medical assistant mentions the panic button, it seems like Desmond is recollecting the button in the Swan. Knowing that he's uncovered something, he sets out to find Penny.
  • When Desmond confronts Charlie after running into Jack on duty, Charlie says "None of this is real." If so, then is the sideways reality just a preview of what happens if the MIB gets off the island?
  • Desmond goes to see Mrs. Widmore since he can't round up Charlie for her party. As for their son, he's Daniel Faraday, now Widmore, the musician. Desmond overhears the name Penny (with the last name Milton) from the party's guest list, but when he inquires further, Eloise tells him to "stop looking for it." Perhaps Desmond will strike a deal with the Man in Black (much like the other characters appear to be doing). It would help explain why Desmond now has Widmore's approval (which, Eloise comments, is what he wanted) and why she says seeking out Penny is "a violation." Are the Widmores some sort of go-between negotiators for the MIB and Jacob? I'm just thinking out loud here.
  • Daniel pulls aside Desmond, relaying a story about spotting Charlotte at the museum. The evening after his encounter with her, he supposedly woke up in the middle of the night and wrote advanced quantum mechanics equations. This coming from a musician who knows nothing about science. He suggests that perhaps this life isn't supposed to be their actual life — and that he thinks he set off a nuclear bomb to change the events.
  • Daniel tells Desmond where to find Penny, so he ends up at a stadium where she's running stairs and introduces himself (a throwback to when he first met Jack running stairs at perhaps the same stadium). He faints soon after and flashes to the island again, but once he wakes, they plan a coffee date. On a side note, who is Penny's mom? We know it's not Eloise, and I'm sure it must have relevance.
  • Whoa — from the looks of it, Desmond experiences his sideways reality while being knocked out from the magnets. He comes to on the floor and agrees to cooperate with Widmore. But as he marches into the forest with Widmore's minions, Sayid knocks out the group and gets Desmond to follow him. Strange that Desmond follows Widmore and then Sayid so willingly. Is he brainwashed? I almost wonder if unlike the other characters who seem to be choosing sides between the Man in Black and Jacob, perhaps Desmond will somehow remain neutral — much like he's remained the only character who wasn't part of the original Oceanic flight, and he's the only character who appears to travel through time with such ease. Is he Lost's Switzerland? Or is Desmond going with Sayid part of Widmore's plan to get the MIB where he wants him?
  • Toward the end of the episode, Desmond flashes between the island and the sideways at a more rapid rate. I wonder if Widmore knew the electromagnetic effects from the machine would cause Desmond to time travel, making him the only person who can manipulate both realities to Widmore's wishes.
  • Desmond asks George to get the flight list for Oceanic 815 for him, as he wants to show "them" (the rest of the passengers?) something. My guess is he's going to pull a Charlie to prove to each of them that the other reality exists. Funny though how George's role in both worlds is nearly the same — he works for Widmore, but he ends up assisting Desmond in discovering the truth (like on the freighter, when he shows Sayid and Desmond the communication room).
  • Fun fact: Widmore's office had a large painting of a scale with a white object and a black object. I'm dying to know what role he has with Jacob and the Man in Black.

That's enough theory spewing from me, so time for you to chime in. What do you make of the latest events? Any ideas to share? Sound off in the comments (you may even see yours in my roundup later!). Or head over to the Lost Fans group in community to chat more.

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zeze zeze 7 years
So ya, awesome episode! And Desmond totally time traveled, or sideways-travelled and now he needs to bring the island world to the sideways world and let them see what they are missing in each life! (just my guess though) When Desmond and Charlie fell into the water, omg, chills!
mommahello mommahello 7 years
This makes my head spin!
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
holy crap, what a great episode!! desmond is my fav, so i'm glad that he's a big deal! i really think he is just playing both sides. i don't think he's one of the bad guys. (kind of like sawyer. i think he's going to turn out to be a good guy in the end, but right now he's just biding time.) so it seems that eloise/charles widmore know about the different timelines and that one isn't "real" or that somehow one effects the other. i was thinking that at the party, when eloise said desmond finally got charles' approval, she was referring to how much charles disapproved him in the real timeline, but now desmond is his right hand man. jelly888-in season 5, wasn't desmond going to eloise b/c daniel faraday instructed him to and he ended up meeting jack, kate, and sun? daniel was flashing thru time and he went to the station that desmond was controlling? maybe he didn't know. i can't remember that episode or if he knew locke died. anon #10-i think you might be onto something!! why else would jack have made seemingly pointless cameos at the hospital? maybe the writers are hinting at something! pretty sure his son's name was david, not daniel though. that could totally fit since his son and daniel are both pianists. how in the world are they going to wrap this up!?!?
Mädchen Mädchen 7 years
#10 Penny being the mother of Jack's son seems like a good theory. I hadn't thought of that at all. Also, her last name has to be a reference to John Milton (author of "Paradise Lost"), right?
bingbingboom bingbingboom 7 years
What an episode! The scene where Charlie and Desmond crashed into the water truly made me gasp and feel a cold chill. I agree that this "perfect" world they are living in is what everyone wished for, but destiny will bring them back together and back to the island. I also think there is a significance why Desmond met Penny at the same place where he met Jack. I don't see how the writers can explain all of the unanswered in the next five episodes.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
Yeah but what about Sun? I don't think she wanted to be shot. And what about Kate?
356UIK 356UIK 7 years
I think Desmond is assuming that whatever crosses his path is part of his destiny for saving the island, so that is why he followed Sayid. Maybe he is thinking that just taking things as they come and doing them is how he will save it.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Zoe questioned his sudden willingness to cooperate with her. I'm not sure exactly what Desmond's plan is, but maybe it's totally independent of either side. So he follows Sayid not because he's easily swayed, but because it's part of his agenda.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
Did Desmond know that Locke died? Just thinking if Sayid brings him to Flocke, I wonder if Desmond will know it;s not Locke. Any thoughts on the whole Desmond going with Sayid so easily?
356UIK 356UIK 7 years
I am starting to wonder if all of Widmore's people are cognizant of the island in the flash sideways, i.e. Keamy, Eleanor, George. I'm still wondering if Keamy mentioned the island to Jin from the last episode.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
I don't know if we find out who Penny's mother is, I guess we know she is English?? I am glad they touched on what is going on with the sideways reality. Eloise said that Desmond got what he wanted the most, Charles' approval. They mentioned that about Sayid as well and then Claire got her baby. This all makes me wonder why Kate and Sun/Jin's sideways were so negative. Didn't they mention that Kate didn't kill her stepfather but some other guy? Maybe what she wanted the most was to not have killed her stepfather?? And then was Sawyer's good because he was on the right side of the law? But then his parent's still died. And did Jack want a chance to be a good father?? But then Locke was still in a wheel chair, but I guess he was on good terms with his father. So many questions! So are we to believe now that the sideways realities aren't real? Maybe that's what Juliet meant that it worked because is this the reality had the bomb gone off? Because that was 1977, so I guess everything up until then happened like it did before but then afterwards in 1977 it changed? Sorry, does that make sense??
redson68 redson68 7 years
Anyone pick up on the fact that Sayid is MIB's henchman, and Desmond is Widmore/Jacob's henchman, they are now marching through the jungle together? I smell a life/death confrontation coming........
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