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Review and Recap of The Office Episode "The Lover"

The Office, "The Lover": Best Lines of the Night

Yay! Jim and Pam return from their romantic honeymoon, but there is no rest for the newlyweds at The Office. Michael crosses the line — and Pam bears the brunt of his antics, like usual — while Jim fends off a nosy Dwight. I'll admit that Pam got on my nerves this week but I was glad to have Jim back so he could one-up Dwight.

I found this week to be much more engaging than last week's post-wedding episode, and I'm pretty excited to see where the storyline is headed now that the co-workers are all together again. But before I give away any spoilers, check out my favorite quips plus a few more thoughts when you


  • Meredith: "What'd you bring us?"
    Pam: "Some candy."
    Meredith: "What else?"
    Pam: "That's it."
    Meredith: "Ohhhh, because you spent so much on the wedding."

    Poor Pam and Jim. They walk into Dunder Mifflin bearing gifts with the honeymoon glow still on their faces — until they realize they're back to working with goons again. I love the bit between Pam and Erin over the candy distribution. (Erin's such a goody-goody that she has to clear everything with Michael.) But my favorite is definitely the rum with the stuffed parrot. Mainly because watching Steve Carell talk next to a stuffed parrot holding a bottle is kind of hilarious.

  • Michael: "You know what? I'm going to start dating her even harder."
    Pam: "What's that supposed to mean?"
    Michael: "You know what that means."

    So yes, Michael is dating Pam's mom, which he reveals after she gets wind of his fancy dinner reservations. I agree with Pam's initial anger — no one wants their mother to date Michael Scott, especially when he keeps using the word "lover." (Though "pickle" may be worse). However, I'm giddy over this new development, because I can't wait to see what it spawns. Pam and Jim on a date with Michael and Pam's mom? That would be a-ma-zing.

  • "You know, I really would've appreciated a heads up that you were into dating mothers. I would've introduced you to mine."—Dwight
    Just picture Dwight's mother in your mind for a second. That's funny in itself.

  • "I have plenty of female friends...My aunt, but she just blocked me from IM; the woman from Quiznos."—Michael
    Poor guy. I'm curious to see how Michael's new romance ends up affecting his relationship with Pam. She's got to forgive him at some point, but do you think she's overreacting? Personally, I find her complaining kind of grating. She has every right to be P.O.'d, but as the episode went on, she seems angry more out of spite than anything else.

  • "Did you really think I would put my primary listening device in a wooden mallard? I'm not insane."—Dwight
    The mallard! I always enjoy a good Jim versus Dwight scuffle, so this was one of the highlights for me, especially when Jim tries to throw Dwight off by playing opera music or giving the wooden duck to Kelly. Then just when you think Dwight is a total idiot, he pulls out a twist, having hid a pen recorder amongst Jim's office supplies. Jim may have won the promotion, but Dwight's out to win the war.

So what'd you think about the episode? Are you on Team Pam, or were you a little annoyed by her screaming fit like I was? Weigh in below in the comments, and tell me your favorite lines of the evening!


Oh, and don't forget that you can discuss the episode in full over at The Office! group in the BuzzSugar Community! Here's a topic to get you started: Ryan's fedora. Discuss.

Photo and videos courtesy of NBC

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