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Review and Recap of The Office Episode "New Leads" Plus Video

The Office, "New Leads": Best Lines of the Night and Video!

The sales guys at Dunder Mifflin have let their positions go to their heads on this week's The Office, and the rest of the staff (especially Michael) is not too pleased. Jim is on his BlackBerry, Andy has a Bluetooth — so wait, Michael Scott's employees actually work? What happened to our loveable goof-offs?! No sign of them here, as everyone appears to be running off dollar signs.

So how do you rein in a spoiled child? Michael's theory is to withhold (read: literally hide, as in a scavenger hunt) expensive sales leads to regain his authority — which, of course, goes wrong. The episode has a few funny exchanges worth mentioning, although overall, I found the storyline to just be okay. Check out the quotes I liked, and then add your favorites in the comments!

  • Michael: "Screw you, Halpert. You know, it's not easy getting excited about stuff. You know how you felt when you thought you had seen Roger Clemens."
    Jim: "At the Yankees game, yeah."
    Michael: "Well, it wasn't him."
    Jim: "I have better reason to believe're right. You're right. Well, you're not right, because Johnny Depp in your condo complex?"
    Michael: "I know. It also explains why the name on his mailbox was M. Shyamalan."
    Jim: "M. Night Shymalan?"

    Michael thinks he sees Johnny Depp in his apartment complex — which is, of course, ridiculous, as Jim is the first to point out. Really, Michael, Johnny Depp? Jim is usually right about most things, so perhaps you want to believe him on this one.

For more fun lines,


  • "Salesman is king. As the best salesman, I am king of kings. Oh, you say Jesus is king of kings. Well, what does that say to you about how I think about myself?"—Dwight
    Dwight will stop at nothing to get his hands on the expensive sales leads, even if it means, say, going to the landfill to search for a needle in a haystack (the so-called "needle" being one lead's info). I have to say that the fake green screen/backdrop for the landfill is incredibly obvious, but I was still entertained by watching Michael and Dwight get into a lovers' quarrel, which doesn't happen every day. Even watching them kick around the giant-sized spool was worth a chuckle or two.
  • Kelly: "You know, maybe if the salesmen weren't acting like a bunch of stuck up losers, maybe this day wouldn't be so bad. Did you ever think of that?"
    Jim: "I have new baby pictures."
    Kelly: "Don't use your cute baby to make us like you."
    Jim: "She was wearing a onesie."

    Jim tries to ease relations between his sales side and the rest of the office (in this case, Kelly and Oscar), but it appears the damage has already been done. Don't you hate it when people use their child against you? Evil, Jim. Not that Jim is totally to blame; I'd bet that onesie is pretty cute.
  • Michael: "You know what I should have been doing? I should have been out at bars, finding my soulmate, finding my wife, making babies."
    Dwight: "Nice babies you're making with the floosies at the bars."
    Michael: "That's my wife you're talking about, man!"
    Dwight: "Your made-up wife who doesn't exist?"

    The verbal brawl between Dwight and Michael at the dumpster continues, with Michael coming up with excuses for why he hasn't settled down yet. The two eventually make up (thanks in part to a giant old beanbag chair), but the whole back-and-forth raised a semi-interesting point — will Michael ever get married? What do you think?

Here's the video of their argument, so you can enjoy it a second time:

What did you think of this episode? Did I miss any lines that you particularly enjoyed? Tell me in the comments, or head on over to The Office! group in the BuzzSugar Community to chat some more.

Photos and video courtesy of NBC

Join The Conversation
QueenB75 QueenB75 7 years
this wasn't my favorite episode either, but i must say, i was very happy with the ending scene with erin and andy :)
laogles laogles 7 years
I love when Pam translates "moppy" to "mopey" for Jim and explaining that Michael's mopey place is under the street lamp that reminds him of Casablanca.
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
what about the clue to another clue being "in the parking lot under the first President - Lincoln!" haha, moronic Michael...
Read2me Read2me 7 years
I loved when Dwight said something about Michael not being able to handle his undivided attention.
LaDolceVita LaDolceVita 7 years
If you want to get to the leads go to the man that never breaths! The clue about Kevin!
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
i wouldn't say it was out of character for Phyllis, remember when she was blackmailing Angela, so that she could host the Christmas party? It's the same Phyllis, she's just making more money. All in all, it was a good episode.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
It was ... an okay episode.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i tuned in for about 2 minutes and it happened to be the M.Night Shyamalaan bit that i saw
fleurfairy fleurfairy 7 years
I did not like this episode. Phyllis annoyed me, as did the rest of the salesmen. I love The Office, but it's over. Time to end the show. It's getting ridiculous now.
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