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Revolution TV Show Review

Pilot Scoop: Revolution

Tonight is the premiere of NBC's new sci-fi drama, Revolution, from producer J.J. Abrams and directed by Jon Favreau. The series deals with the idea of what would happen if all of the world's technology suddenly stopped working, and it stars Twilight's Billy Burke and Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito. Find out if the show is one you might be into by checking out my points below.

  • What it's about: After a mysterious accident, every bit of technology and electricity suddenly stops working at once, including phones, car and plane engines, and lights. Fifteen years later, we see the repercussions after modern society and the American government have fallen apart. In this new world, a teen girl (Tracy Spiridakos) sets off to find her brother, who has been kidnapped by a villainous rogue militia. She has to find her uncle (Burke) for help, who, incidentally, may have the key as to why "all the lights went out."
  • Where it works: The concept is compelling and timely and makes you think about how dependent we are on technology.
  • Where it doesn't: The characters are boring, and it's not clear what we're supposed to be hoping to see happen in this dystopian world. And in classic Abrams style, the pilot ends on a cliff-hanger — only the cliff-hanger is not that exciting.
  • When it's on: Mondays at 10 p.m.
  • You might like this show if: You're sad Terra Nova got canceled.

To see a preview and some photos from Revolution, just keep reading.

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie on Revolution.
<p>Photo courtesy of NBC<br />

JD Pardo as Nate, Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie, Zak Orth as Aaron, and Anna Lise Phillips as Maggie on Revolution.
<p>Photo courtesy of NBC

The cast of Revolution.
<p>Photo courtesy of NBC

Billy Burke as Miles on Revolution.
<p>Photo courtesy of NBC

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie, Zak Orth as Aaron, and Anna Lise Phillips as Maggie on Revolution.
<p>Photo courtesy of NBC

Photos courtesy of NBC

Jens3447760 Jens3447760 4 years
This could be a good realistic show, if the fired the poor actors and director and started over with quality people. This is ten times worse than the worst B movie I've ever seen.
realbluesky realbluesky 5 years
I liked Terra Nova, but this show is absurd.  Why does anyone think our government would fall because of electricity?  Throughout most of our nation's history, there was no electricity.  Why after only 15 years is concrete gone?  A plane at O'Hare Airport is sitting on grass.  Stupid.  Why are they using muzzle-loaded weapons?  What does that have to do with electricity?  Weren't there enought M-16's left over with enough ammunition to last a century?  I was really looking forward to this series, but why jump 15 years into the future, a future that is so unrealistic that it may as well be a cartoon.  The executive that okayed this piece of crap should be fired.  
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