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On the Road Movie Trailer With Kristen Stewart

On the Road Trailer: Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund Are Mad to Live

In the trailer for the adaptation of On the Road, a handful of young Hollywood actors take on the characters of Jack Kerouac's iconic novel. Chief among them are Kristen Stewart as Marylou, the teenage wife of the freewheeling and charismatic Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund). He's admired by the narrator Sal Paradise (newcomer Sam Riley), who charts his meeting and road-tripping with Moriarty and an array of other colorful characters played by the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Elisabeth Moss, Viggo Mortensen, and Tom Sturridge.

Though Stewart doesn't say a single line in this trailer, I'm curious to see her as a young woman mixed up with the beatnik crowd (and dancing her brains out, apparently). But since the glimpses of the characters are so quick, I don't feel like I have a good feel for whether this movie will live up to its source material (the overwrought narration from a gravelly voiced Riley doesn't help, either). To judge for yourself and get your first look at On the Road, just keep reading.

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1409609 1409609 5 years
Oh by the way they are showing the 1st trailer on T.V on The Voice,it starts at 8:00p.m est so just thought you would like to know...Peace Karen E.
1409609 1409609 5 years
Hey Nancy 1947,right on with your post,and every one else who posted about this movie,This is going to be Kristen's break out role to A side we have never seen,Hollywood directors and producers are gonna see her in action,are you going to see her in SWATH as well,Rob's movie BelAmi comes out right after Kristen.They could not have picked A talented group of actors to star in this movie,Amy Adams, Kristen Dunst,Viggo ,Garrett,Sam Rob's best friend Tom and Elizabeth moss,From what little I have seen this is A great ensemble of actors.As always peace,prayers to all involved.CAN"T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE...Peace Karen E.
1409609 1409609 5 years
To Nancy 1947,I can't wait my self,are you also goint to see SWATH,and Robs BelAmi? They say it is going to come out right after Kristen's movie.To Kstew and Kstew fever,right on,watch the Voice they are suppose to have the 1st trailer for all the public to see.It is nice to see all postive post s for A change.As always Peace and prayers to all involved,and I know this movie is going to show us A very talented Kristen on her way up,her roles are only going to get better,as for the rest of the cast they could not have picked very talented actors like Amy Adams,Kristen Dunst,Viggo.Sam and Garrett,and Rob's best friend Tom.The Voice will air Marck 19 at 8:00pm EST.O.K this post is long enough.Bye for now,Peace Karen E. 
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I like what I saw and yes I will see it!!! I love Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I want to see all their movie's!!!!!!
Aunu1 Aunu1 5 years
Fantastic cast. I will watch it eventually.
stone_soup stone_soup 5 years
Wow. Nice young cast! This reminds me of a little Motorcycle Diaries and some Into the Wild.
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
Anyone interested in seeing the Breaking Dawn Part 2 preview?
Danny-Feekes Danny-Feekes 5 years
I read the book in HS and remember not loving (maybe I was too young). This movie looks great though!
Kstew-fever Kstew-fever 5 years
This movie will prove Kristen's haters wrong! She is pretty in the trailer and that dance scene was epic! Kristen is more than just twilight she has more to offer and you will see.
mlleemilee mlleemilee 5 years
I'm just super excited to see Garrett as Dean Moriarty, who's arguably one of the most fascinating "characters" in literature.
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
this movie looks like they're all in need of a good shower
Misscaribean Misscaribean 5 years
Can't wait to see it! The cast is AMAZING!!!
gd101 gd101 5 years
Judging from the trailer, the movie seems interesting.
leanyn leanyn 5 years
The trailer's seem very interesting! I can't wait to see this movie because Kristen's in it.....!!  Such a simple & gorgeous young atress!!
1278368 1278368 5 years
Kristen is great, the movie will be amazing!
Allie-Merriam Allie-Merriam 5 years
Sam Riley.... love.
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
Interesting how this site likves on Kristen fans and bash every her movie or attemt or doing somthing good
mtcreasey mtcreasey 5 years
loving the trailer - the music is Home by Will Hanson - makes me want to get on the road with the windows down as well!
1409609 1409609 5 years
Hurry up and get this movie out there.There is so much talent in that movie,it is bound to be A hit.I personally think that this is Kristen Stewart's break out  role,we are going to see what talent she really has,I am A twi fan,I am also A55 year young mom of 3 grown kids so you can see why I want this movie to come out.I also remember Dorothy Malone 's role in Written in the wind,with Rock Hudson and Marlon Brandon,go out and rent it,I remember my mom watching it and she let me watch some.Great movie for that time..
Ashley2418649 Ashley2418649 5 years
Can't wait!
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
This Movie looks really good. Can't wait for it come out. xo
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