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Rob Mariano Wins Survivor: Redemption Island

Do You Agree With the Winner of Survivor: Redemption Island?

Well, he finally pulled it off! After four attempts to win Survivor, Rob Mariano finally made it happen on Survivor: Redemption Island! I've been pulling for Rob since day one, so naturally I'm ecstatic with the results (especially after a couple of nail-biting final immunity challenges). Boston Rob had me admittedly glued to my TV screen in what was an otherwise lackluster season of Survivor; it blew my mind how easily he manipulated every single castaway he competed against. Really, nobody else even stood a chance. How do you feel about the results — do you think Rob deserved to win?

Photo courtesy of CBS

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likethedirection likethedirection 6 years
Extremely happy about the outcome, which is a rare occurance for me and Survivor.
LoLo72 LoLo72 6 years
Yes, Rob played the perfect social game & won a few immunities. Every challenge his tribe won he played a bid part in. Even if you don't like the guy you gotta respect the fact that he had the biggest target on his back & was never voted out. He didn't even need to play his immunity. He gets blamed for voting everyone out but he did not vote them out by himself. Anyone who is mad is should be mad at themselves for not getting rid of him. Best player in history.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 6 years
Dude. Spoiler alert anyone? It's 7:15 on the West Coast. :oy:
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