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Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis Picture

See the First Picture of Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis!

See ya later Edward CullenRobert Pattinson is moving on to playing characters with a little more life in them. Here's your first look at his next non-Twilight movie, Cosmopolis, in which Pattinson plays Eric, a rich twentysomething who spends an entire day in the back of a limo on a quest across Manhattan to get a haircut. In this particular part of the journey, he's joined by Sarah Gadon as his wife Elise. I'm looking forward to seeing Pattinson play someone a little more self-assured (and a little less pale), but what do you think of the first image?

Photo credit: Caitlin Cronenberg

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oni2 oni2 6 years
He is really to die for,,,,,,,,HOT.......... Remember to vote for him at the MTV AWARDS........................
Maggie47kisses Maggie47kisses 6 years
The photo of Robert in this sceen with Sarah makes me wonder what they are talking about in the movie. I really haven't researched the film "Cosmopolis" yet. But I support anything Robert does, he is a smart young man who loves acting. His talent is growing with each part he plays. Watch out America here comes Robert !
chile68 chile68 6 years
I cannot wait to see Robert in Cosmopolis!!!:)
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
As I said before, I have Robert Pattinson fatigue.
oni2 oni2 6 years
If you want to see what R Pattinson really looks like in the new movie Cosmopolis go here to this site The Improper Film Co.Com....I dont know how they got these pictures but they did..............
oni2 oni2 6 years
Forgot something, I wonder what K Stewart thinks, I heard she visited the set of his movie before she left....Let me ask you something, don't you think this bothers her, Sarah is very pretty.......And I know she has a prince in Snow White but he is not all that,
oni2 oni2 6 years
Maybe DeLillo has seen something in Robert, thats usually the way parts are cast.....I think this man is so hotttttttttttttttttt that you could put a baggy over his head and he would be hotttttttttttttttt.........They don't make them like this anymore. Have you ever noticed in films every shot his face changes, in Remember Me he was so good looking and in WFE cant deny that he is hot....
Advah Advah 6 years
Doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing, but boy I never thought I'd see DeLillo and Pattinson in the same sentence!
karenenselay karenenselay 6 years
Robert as Eric. I'm totally dead!
olga-7777 olga-7777 6 years
can't wait for Cosmopolis....hello, Robert Pattinson, the actor....
Piebeary71 Piebeary71 6 years
Gorgeous! I'm so excited for this movie! Rob looks like a hot Wallstreet type.
Katie-Henry Katie-Henry 6 years
WHAT?! We're only going to see 50% of Rob's hotness? At least we're getting the money shot, that hot, hot face.
stephley stephley 6 years
No haircut needed.
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