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Will Robert Pattinson and Remember Me Make More Money at the Box Office Than The Runaways 2010-03-13 10:30:00

Pattinson vs. Stewart: Who Will Make More at the Box Office?

Robert Pattinson makes his first post-Twilight movie debut, taking on Alice in Wonderland at the box office this weekend. We'll have to wait until Monday to see how the heartthrob fares against the likes of Depp, DiCaprio, and Willis, but I'm more interested to see what happens when he's pitted against his costar (and real-life love interest) Kristen Stewart. Her The Runaways will be added to the mix next week, putting the two movies head-to-head. It's a tough call; I've seen both movies and while Pattinson seems to have more die-hard fans, overall The Runaways is a better movie than Remember Me (look out for my review later in the week). What's your prediction?

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