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Robin Williams Interview For The Crazy Ones

The 10 Funniest Things Robin Williams and Co. Said at Their Panel

The Crazy Ones is kind of an apt title for the new CBS comedy, because when the cast came to the Summer TCA, they were full of one-liners, especially from their ringleader, Robin Williams. Comedy legend Williams is coming back to primetime for the new series, which is set in an ad agency, and on the TCA stage, he used no fewer than four different accents and cracked up the audience. He wasn't the only funny one, though; costars Sarah Michelle Gellar (who plays Williams's daughter) and James Wolk had their own moments in the sun, as did executive producers David E. Kelley and Jason Winer. Here are the funniest lines of the session:

  • "[It's] the elephant in the room: this series of course marks Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to network television." — Winer, referring to this being Williams's first series since Mork & Mindy
  • "The last time I was on TV, 'wired' meant a gram and a bottle of Jack Daniels." — Williams, on what's changed since he was on Mork & Mindy (which premiered in 1978)
  • "It's sort of like when my 3-year-old says something really inappropriate and it's really funny but I can't laugh . . . that's kind of like working with Robin." — Gellar, on her hilarious costar
  • "I have an idea for a vampire rehab [show] called Dark Meadows." — Williams, on his TV show idea
  • "I only do ad agencies now. I only do strictly marketing and advertising." — Wolk, addressing the fact that he also worked in an ad agency on Mad Men
  • "Hold on, I'm getting a text from Carlos." — Williams, referring to Anthony Weiner's most recent scandal
  • "I don't think I really thought that whole twin thing through." — Gellar, on how busy her last series, Ringer, made her
  • "I felt like I was handed the keys to a car I was ill-equipped to drive." — Kelley, on being a little scared to write for Williams
  • "I went to rehab in wine country just to keep my options open." — Williams, on how his interesting life is similar to that of his character, Simon
  • "Well now that I have a moral compass on my phone . . . the girl you're texting is the same age as your daughter: reroute." — Williams, apropos of nothing
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