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Rock of Ages Movie Full Casting List

Casting Update: Who's in For the Rock of Ages Movie

Broadway hit Rock of Ages is set to leap from stage to the screen when the movie version is released in 2012. The casting has been slowly coming together, and the lead role has finally been cast: Diego Boneta has snagged the part of Drew Boley. The relative newcomer (though 90210 and Pretty Little Liars fans will recognize him) will play the bus boy/aspiring rocker trying to get his big break in LA. Besides him, there have been other recent cast developments — check out a rundown of the actors set to star in the film, directed by Adam Shankman.

If you're a Rock of Ages fan, let me know — are you on board with these casting choices?

Image Sources: WireImage and Getty
Steamtrunk2545170 Steamtrunk2545170 5 years
Hey they had an open call for filming at the SunLife Stadium in Miami, then surprise!... got bussed to Hard Rock where it all went down,... the staging and music was fabulous! Local SOuth FLorida muscians are cast as Stacie Jaxx's band. So WHEN you go it will be a treat> It takes a NATION to Rock the AGES and the USA does it well. 
Nifty2466869 Nifty2466869 5 years
i agree with most this cast is terrible.  Saw it with Constantine and he was perfect, and Tom as Stacie will never pull it off. and The Mayor didn't have a wife, he had an assistant who ws wonderful.  
Joyce2375668 Joyce2375668 5 years
Too bad Pat Benatar wasn't chosen to make a "cameo" appearance; or any of the other 80's rockers; they should have had some kind of part in the movie; it would have been cool to see them on the big screen.
Hania1424 Hania1424 5 years
I am cool with most of the cast except for Tom Cruise as Stacey Jaxx, Really? Sorry, don't see it, not even close. I loved this show, saw it three times, He is so not the guy for the part. Cruise can't carry off smoldering sexuality, he can do the desperation bit, but certainly not the sexy bit. Also, the Mayor had a wife? Not in the versions I saw. I was really happy to learn they were making a movie, but Really? Tom Cruise? Is he paying to be a part of the cast? Is that why they cast him? I don't get it, I agree with some other comments, the director obviously never saw the play. Hollywood, weird.
teacher58 teacher58 6 years
I saw rock of ages on stage there is only one man to play drew and that is constantine! He was perfect.
minimongo minimongo 6 years
There is a reason that Adam Shankman is directing and all of you people bagging out the casting choice aren't. I think the guy knows what he's doing. Let him do his job.
penguink penguink 6 years
Worst choices for Rock of Ages. If it dose not contain the Broadway cast it is not worth seeing. Don't go!!!!!!!!!. Tom curse is all rong and so is alec baldwin. Bad choices real gad,
GlindaUpland GlindaUpland 6 years
I like it but i always thought of Black Jack as Lonny, Mandy Moore as Sherrie, Lisa Kudrow as Regina, and Queen Latifah as Justice.
lalaj3285 lalaj3285 6 years
Ok, Constantine was given a small role, I'm thankful for that. at least he's in it. i am keeping an open mind because I have liked the directors previous movies. I love ROA, I too feel that Constantine should have had the lead, but what are you gonna do? I want to see the movie, and Tom Cruise is a consumate perfectionist, he will be amazing! Alec Baldwin said that Russell Brand is like Freddy Mercury, and I tend to believe him, people lighten up! Give it a chance, it's an adaptation. Movies always are slightly different. I am so looking forward to it.
mindiva mindiva 6 years
Tom Cruise as a rock star??? Give me a break! How about Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Jon Bon Jovi... someone who we already know can sing and who we can still stand to watch? I can't see Cruise without seeing his Stepford wife and I refuse to watch anything with Brand in it. Diego Boneta? Just a move to get the teenagers to go to the movie. I was a teenager in the 80s and still love the music. I worked in classic rock radio. AND I have a degree in theatre.... all that together made me SO excited for this movie. But I won't be seeing it. Ick!
tamera1970 tamera1970 6 years
Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx??? Extremely disappointed! I saw the play and loved it. Tom Cruise is over rated. His character is supposed to be a HOT, YOUNG rock star which Cruise is neither hot or young. Plenty of well deserving actors should have been cast instead of him.
Teaks92 Teaks92 6 years
I think that this cast will work on most levels. I don't really know the actors playing Sherrie, Drew or Justice but the fact that they are not huge film star names means they most probably have been cast because the are able to sing and act the roles(personally I would have cast Queen Latifah as Justice). Alec Baldwin CAN sing and has been in Musicals on the stage for all of you saying he can't sing and is a brilliant actor who I think will make a great Dennis. Paul Giamatti won't probably be singing in his role and we know he is a great actor. Tom Cruise will be tested in the area of singing I'm sure, but he is a solid actor and watch him in tropic thunder and you can see that he can morph himself and has great comedic ability, he has the ability to surprise us with what he can do,I think he will do great. Brand as Lonny is a concern, he can sing but I'm not sure if his vocals are good enough for the role and I feel he is not right for the comic type of the character. But with all the cast just remember some of the great Musical Films in the past with actors no one thought could pull of the roles that have won awards and won critical acclaim. In the end however as long as this movie is as feel good and as fun as the stage show then it will ROCK
Doesn't anyone HEAR US!!!!!! your going to ruin it all...............
For got to support Mary J. She is the only one who so far they got right, only she is naturally all class and is the most amazing singer plus powerful presence that someone had the gift to cast her.
OK for the real ROAFAN's and only those who have seen the show at least 5 times or more know about the "ROAFAN" code word, are going to agree that the cast is ridiculious!! anyone who has seen the show knows that there is only one DREW(aka CONSTANTINE). Seriously, OMG! you haven't pegged ANY one correctly at all. California should hang out or live in the tristate area to even get a clue. PLEEZZZZZZZZZZZ!
ollin ollin 6 years
Diego is a really good singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seen him in Mexico and he knows how to sing!!!!!!!!!!! I think these actors are choose for a reason.
Karen50 Karen50 6 years
The casting sucks! What's wrong with the original cast? There's a reason these actors are not on Broadway. They can't sing and in the case if Tom Cruise, can't act. I will pass on this movie. I saw this show off Broadway and on Broadway and absolutely loved it.
kk-in-ny kk-in-ny 6 years
AWFUL casting - with exception of Mary J. NONE of these people belong in a musical - they can't freakin' sing. Who was the casting director? I can't believe Adam Shankman was involved in the casting. They should have kept Constantine Maroulis. He was amazing in the Bway show.
Callysta Callysta 6 years
This movie will be an epic FAIL. No one but Constantine should play Drew, who is the feminine looking child?? And Russel Brandt ((eeewwww) and Tom Cruise ( gag) . I pass, will see the broadway show, much better, much better cast too.
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