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Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

This week's episode of Lost was a real doozie that got you all buzzing! I couldn't get over your impressive conjectures on the trio of Richard Alpert, the Man in Black, and Jacob. They're just too good to pass up, so I've pulled some of my favorites for everyone to enjoy. Peruse this list from your fellow readers, and tell me which ones you think are the most spot on (warning: your brain may hurt a little).

  • "With regards to Richard seeing Isabella on the Black Rock, it reminds of when the Smoke Monster and Eko had a staredown and then Eko saw his brother Yemi. When Smokie looked at Richard on the Black Rock, he was probably accessing his memories, so he could use them to manipulate Richard." — myfairlady93
  • "Claire had a dream back in Season 1 (?) about a 'black rock'. I guess we assumed then that it meant the ship, but now it could have meant MIB's rock and she was always destined to be on his side?" — Jelly888
  • "If [Jacob] brought the ship over to the island, why didn't he look for survivor's, but the MIB did?" — romaric

For more hypothesizing, just


  • "MIB has said that he just wants to go home and since we don't know where home is, I wonder if his release from the island might be his release from life. The island does end up under water, right?!? Just like Richard wants to kill himself and can't, maybe MIB has the same intentions. He just wants to stop living forever." — mstrauss
  • "I believe the flash sideways are more like dreams that the MIB is projecting on to the candidates. He will then tell the candidates that this is the lives that they can have (a lie of course) if they choose to do something evil." — Anonymous
  • "Another question I have, how is the 70's bomb even relevant anymore, since it wasn't the 'energy' that really brought them there, but Jacob who brings people there, and since this whole thing has been happening loooong before the 1970s, why should that incident effect the history at all?" — zeze
  • "BTW, isn't it obvious (or not) that Hurley will be the new guard of the island? Using the same "dirty" tricks as Jacob does..." — pianoteacher1
  • "And where did the physical body of MIB go?" — Jelly888

Great job, as always, guys! Keep those comments coming, and don't forget to check out the Lost Fans group in community where you can theorize to your heart's content.

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OlgaPancova OlgaPancova 7 years
I suppose that the good guy here is Jacob.In the last episode he showed a bottle with wine (which is dark) saying that that is the "devil" and the stopper is the island,so my opinion is that Jacob is good. Yes for some moment i believed that he's the bad one,but when i realized that MIB lied to Richard/Ricardo i changed my mind. Also Jacob wears white clothes and MIB black. Though MIB wants to leave he cannot as long as Jacob is alive and also MIB said that he will kill everyone who is ever going to replace Jacob. But i have a question. If the new Locke/Flocke is MIB then why he hadn't killed all the candidates (sawyer,jack,hurley,kwon and others) why is he waiting and why is he waiting to leave. Jacob is dead therefore he's free to go! I think that one of the candidates is already in charge of the island i would like it to be Jack! And BTW i've noticed that on almost of the pictures of Lost season 6 Flocke is sitting in the center and Saywer with Jack on the right and left i think that means that one of them will be or is in charge of the island besides their names are similar to Jacob's (Jack,James,Jacob). Wel that is just my theory..................
amybdk amybdk 7 years
I have kind of been thinking about that too, kismekate. Or that neither Jacob or the MIB are 'good' or 'bad' . . . just different?
kismekate kismekate 7 years
I really am feeling as though at some point we are going to learn that Jacob is the bad one and the MIB has been good all along. I don't have any idea how this would play out -- but I've never felt as though Jacob was inherently good.
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