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Tonight, So You Think You Can Dance goes Vegas! In this show's version of American Idol's Hollywood round, all the dancers who made it through the first round of auditions end up in a Las Vegas ballroom for several intense days of dancing, critiques, and eliminations. At the end, on Thursday, we'll be left with this season's top 20.

I always love the Vegas episodes — the pressure is on, the quality of dancing is already pretty amazing, and we get our first chance to see the dancers try to adapt to different styles. It's always interesting to see how my favorites from the auditions fare, and I'm wondering if you're going into tonight's episode with your eye on anyone in particular.

Two contestants I'm watching closely are Natalie Reid and Brandon Bryant, the dancers who were thisclose to making the top 20 last year but lost their spots to Katee and Gev. I also loved police officer Marico Flake and his Memphis jukin', and I'm curious to see more of sisters Megan and Caitlin Kinney. I'm curious to see how a couple of tap dancers — last year's early standout, Bianca, and this year's hip-hop tapper, "Silky" — fare in Vegas, and I'm definitely curious to see how the guy who auditioned with African dance does with other styles.

Are you rooting for anyone so far?

Photo courtesy of Fox

chipjimi chipjimi 8 years
huge fan of Evan Kasprzak.
Que_Fashion Que_Fashion 8 years
I LOVE Brandon and also like Jason (I hope that's his name.LOL)
Yv Yv 8 years
Kinney sisters were AMAZING, they have to be in the top ten at least. I'm also rooting for Kasprzak brothers, Brandon Bryant and Phillip Chbeeb. I'm curious about Natalie Reid, but only because she's Katee's friend. (I loved Katee) Interestingly, I didn't see many hip-hop dancers and b-boys this year. That's a shame, cause I think Twitch's and Joshua's solos were most entertaining last season.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 8 years
My favorites thus far: Gaby Rojas (the circus artist), Peter Sabasino (the first of our cadre of tappers), Kayla Ramdomski, Natalie Reid (Katee's roommate), Brandon Bryant (he of the sinewy movements and ankh tattoo on his thigh), Ryan and Evan Kasprzak (the vaudeville hoofers), Caitlyn Kinney (who has already had hip surgery), Jeanette and Romolo (latin ballroom dancers) and, of course, Phillip Chbeeb!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i just LOVE that katie's roommate came back this year - she was fantastic in auditions last year and was soo close to making it that i hope she does this time!
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