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Sad Podcasts

7 Podcasts That Will Almost Definitely Make You Cry

Sad Podcasts
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Personally, I've never been a big crier. Now, don't get me wrong — I'm no monster. If you show me the opening sequence of Up or a YouTube video of a dog reuniting with its owner, then cue the waterworks. I've also helped many a friend through a tearful breakup, after which we've laughed until we cried into our glasses of Pinot Grigio. But whether you weep tears of happiness or tears of heartbreak, crying is good for the soul. Featured here is a list of podcasts guaranteed to make you shed a tear. Each one, dynamic and heart-wrenching, delves deep into the human condition, forcing you to understand and empathize with everyday, interesting people. Grab a box of tissues and have a listen!

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