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Sandra Bullock hit the red carpet at tonight's SAG Awards looking lovely, and she shined on stage once she won the Best Actress statue for her work in The Blind Side. She gracefully entered the press room to talk about her gratefulness for being rewarded after reevaluating her whole approach toward her work. She said:

  • On her latest win: "Being an actor was something I never owned up to, in a way. I could be a hostess or a waitress or a house restorer before I considered myself an actor because I never thought I was good enough. . . to be in a room tonight and be with the women I'm in the company of. . . I feel like I am part of a group I am really proud of. And they take such good care of you in the Screen Actors Guild!"
  • On beating Meryl: "It's a fluke, I feel it's wrong if you really want to know the truth. . . My money was on Meryl, and I'll tell her that time and time again. There were exquisite performances this year, but Meryl always manages to top herself."
  • On choosing her roles now: "I meant what I said when I said I quit once and wasn't working for two years, and in that time, interestingly enough, I met my husband and was happier at home than I was anywhere else. And it made me even more selective. I learned how to say no."
  • On if she has anything on her bucket list: "You know what, there's not one thing I can think of that I haven't done. I do everything, you know I am one of those people who knows how lucky she is. Every day I look around the house and count my blessings."
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Linda-McP Linda-McP 7 years
Sandra Bullock gave the performance of her lifetime in The Blind Side. For this, the win is well deserved.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
granted i have not seen the blind side yet, but the priviews remind of when julia roberts played erin brockovich. i'm just happy seeing sandra due something different and succeeding! good for her! meryl doesnt care about winning. you know next year she'll be nominated again for something even more amazing than julia child! everyone else is just young. which is awesome, but they'll have their time. the nominations are cool enough (gabourey and carey)!
lizzie_ttu lizzie_ttu 7 years
Sandra gave an extremely strong performance in The Blind Side. There is a lot to be said about one person... one WOMAN carrying an entire film. Tim McGraw didn't do it. Whoever it was that played Michael Oher didn't do it. It was all Sandra. Credit is being given where credit is due. Yes, Meryl is a wonderful actress, but Julie & Julia wouldn't have been successful w/o a strong performance by Amy Adams as well. Thankfully two great women made that movie the way it was. But for one actress carrying an entire film, give Sandra Bullock a hand. Also, The film hit $200 million domestically on January 1, 2010, marking the first time a movie marketed with a sole actress' name above the title (Bullock's) has crossed the $200 million mark. Julie & Julie hasn't even surpassed $119 million and you can't say that Meryl is the sole person to take credit for that. And Carey Mulligan is only 24 and hasn't given a lead role performance worthy of accreditation to actually beat out such strong lead roles without the help of a strong cost.
plume plume 7 years
god! she won because she's a nice woman,not because she's a great actress! it's disturbing!
christy16 christy16 7 years
I really do hope she'll win best leading actress in Oscar..She's such a sweetheart and that performance as Leigh Anne is outstanding!
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
She sounds so humble and grounded! I love this...
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