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Saoirse Ronan to Star in The Host

Saoirse Ronan Will Become Stephenie Meyer's Host

Author Stephenie Meyer is stepping outside of the Twilight realm and taking another novel to the big screen. Saoirse Ronan will star in The Host, a science-fiction story about a girl who's fighting for control of her body after being possessed by a "soul." The souls are an alien race that has come to Earth to usurp the bodies of humans. Ronan will have the challenge of portraying Melanie, the human host, and Wanderer, the soul who has invaded her.

If anyone can tackle a character with warring sides, it's Ronan, who's played complex characters in Hanna and Atonement. If you've read The Host, let me know how you think Ronan measures up.

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xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 6 years
Wonderful actress and I think she'll have an amazing career as she's unbelievably talented, but this role is not suited to her at all. I've read the book, and I feel she's too young to play the *woman* in the film.
reesiecup reesiecup 6 years
I picture her more as Wanderer. She's certainly talented, no doubt. Now I wonder if they will be able cast my ideal Jared (Jensen Ackles) and whether or not there would be an age mismatch...
TVTeach TVTeach 6 years
Oh yeah I think she'll be great. Loved the book. Loved her in Atonement. Can't wait
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
I read the book ages ago, and found it very confusing. Will be interesting to see how this translates onto the big screen.
BabyNorbert BabyNorbert 6 years
Look wise she is nothing like the way I pictures Mel, but I think she can pull this off! Looking forward to this movie as I love the book :)
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
i was wondering when they would start moving on this movie since i thought it was slated to come out this year or in 2012. I love Saoirse but i wonder if she'll be able to do Mel justice. I've read the book over and over again and i'm picturing mel to be a bit more athletic, taller etc. we'll see. i can't wait for the next SM thing to come out though after twilight. there's a lot of good things on the horizon.
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