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The Sapphires Movie Trailer

The Sapphires Trailer: Chris O'Dowd Forms a Girl Band

Chris O'Dowd has been stealing scenes all over the place, but now the Irish funny guy has a starring role, and it may not be what you'd expect. The trailer for '60s-set The Sapphires features O'Dowd as Dave, the reluctant coach of amateur Australian singers who dream of going on tour to entertain the troops in Vietnam. Skeptical but in need of a job, he agrees to transform the girls from country singers to a soul group. Of course, his methods are slightly unorthodox, assigning the girl group stage personalities and helping them get more into the music.

I'm a big fan of O'Dowd, and I'm curious to watch him in a role different than what we've already seen from him. There are comic elements, but given that the movie is set during wartime, it feels like there's depth. Not to mention the Sapphires singers (played by Australian actors Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens, and Miranda Tapsell) sound wonderful. The Sapphires opens in limited release on March 22; until then, you can watch the trailer after the jump.

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