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Sarah Chalke on Britney, the Bahamas, and Braff in a Speedo

As funny as the Scrubs panel was at the TCA press tour, it would have been even better if we'd gotten to hear more from Sarah Chalke. So after the panel, I was one of a few reporters who chatted with Chalke about the future of Elliot, the joys of being back at work, losing co-star Zach Braff after this season, and filming in the Bahamas. Here's how the conversation went:

What was it like working with Courteney Cox?
We had such a good time. Courteney — I was very excited, cause she's playing a chief of medicine, and she's in a little black skirt, four-inch heels — we actually took a tape measure and measured both of our heels and they were both four inches. I was like, "You see, Bill [Lawrence, the executive producer]? Doctors, this is how they have to dress!" She's hysterical. We are so lucky to get to have her for three episodes and I hope she comes back and does more.

How was your experience working on How I Met Your Mother?
It was kind of last-minute. They called, like, on a Monday night — they said "Do you watch How I Met Your Mother"? I said, "Yeah, I love that show, it's hysterical." They're like, "Can you be here tomorrow morning?" They were like, "You're going to be playing a doctor, again," and I was like, "Great, can I bring my lab coat as my blankie?" And then — it's the nicest group. What a fun cast. You can tell they all really genuinely love each other, get along and have a great time working together.

And working with Britney Spears?
She was great. I mean, she played such a fun, quirky character, and she came in there and did her job.

Do you want to be the mother?
Who could hope for that? That's crazy!

For a hint from Chalke about a possible "something-or-other" between Elliot and JD,


What's it been like working on this season of Scrubs?
Because of the writers' strike, we started shooting in March, and we're going to be finished shooting Scrubs the last week of August. We've never done that before. We just had the most ridiculous week in the Bahamas. It's like, going with 100 people you've worked with for seven and a half years to this gorgeous, tiny, remote island where there's like, no phones, no roads, people drive around in little golf carts, spotty internet, and rolling blackouts, so you just try to make a TV show there.

What's Zach Braff look like in a Speedo?

What will it be like when the show does end?
I moved to Los Angeles two months before I got Scrubs. Really, my entire life living in Los Angeles has been Scrubs, my whole adult life has been on that show. We could not have asked for a better experience — I got so lucky. You talk to so many people who work on a show for a couple of years, and nobody talks anymore, they only talk during scenes, and I can't imagine, A, any worse way to spend the day, and B, especially comedy, I think you need to be able to feel comfortable in your environment so you can try something and make a complete fool of yourself and then get up and try something different.

We actually have thought for the last five years, "ohmigod [it's over]." Every year. So in that way I think it's kind of cool, cause you go, "OK, guys, this is it, let's have a good time." It keeps everybody grateful, and I think that's the most important thing.

What's up with Elliot this year?
Everyone sort of develops this relationship with the newbies. I grab the one that I think is just cute as a button, and I want her to be mine, and then I realize she's playing me a little. JD and Eliot form a relationship, a sort of comfortable, healthy something-or-other, which I will not elaborate on, but they kind of figure out their situation for good.

Can you imagine Elliot without JD?
No! It will be so interesting to see what happens over the next few months. That would be a huge loss.


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