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"Sarah Connor Chronicles" Revises Scenes on Account of Virginia Tech

"Sarah Connor Chronicles" Revises Scenes on Account of Virginia Tech

The new Fox drama based on the Terminator movies will be re-shooting certain scenes that include campus violence out of sensitivity to the tragic April shootings at Virginia Tech. In "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," Connor tries to protect her 15-year-old son (played by Thomas Dekker who played the "totally not-gay" gay friend to Claire on "Heroes") who "may be destined to save mankind from technology gone amok."

The scenes were written and shot before the mass shooting in April, Fox entertainment chairman Peter Liguori told reporters at the TCA press tour. At that time, Liguori said, executive producer Josh Friedman had explained to Fox executives that the scene would depict the one place — a school setting — where even the woman charged with saving the world would have no control over what happened to her own child. As Friedman told reporters:

I certainly didn't write it for some sort of shock effect or anything like that. ... And for all of us parents, I think it's a very scary world. And for her particularly, it's a very scary world, maybe more so than for the rest of us, but not in a quantum leap, necessarily.

But after the shooting, there was a recognition from all sides that the scenes would have to be changed, Liguori said. Friedman and director David Nutter said the re-shot scenes will be sensitive to people's concerns, but they declined to describe the new sequence in detail.

The show's not scheduled to premiere until mid-season, and it's interesting that scenes not airing for another five months would be considered too soon for American audiences — especially given the sometimes controversial "24" plots Fox airs.

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beachkate08 beachkate08 10 years
as someone who attends virginia tech, it's really nice to see that people are still thinking of us, and taking these things into consideration. however, at the same time, we all want things to get back to normal, so i wish that they would have just put a disclaimer or something up before the show, not that i would watch it anyways.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
hmm. this is the first i've heard about this show. it really doesn't sound appealing - especially if there's a lot of violence like all the movies.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
I knew it, thanks buzz. I have seen some of her other movies beside 300 and like her an actress. I guess I might catch an episode or two only if she speaks with her British accent. lol. I guess this is one way to be introduce to the American audience, but I really do think 300 sealed that already for her.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
yes, that's her — Lena Headey!
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
Hmm... I think it's great that they are thinking what goes on outside their movie studio cubicles. I guess they didn't want one of those "rip from headline" thing circulating for the show. One question Buzz, the girl in the coat. She looks like the girl who played the queen in 300. Is that her?
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