Scandal premiered this week to mega ratings, but as a fan of the show, I was surprised that I felt so underwhelmed. Sure, there are some good twists, but Scandal has set the bar so high in its past seasons that I've grown to expect more from the show. The season premiere kicks off exactly where we left off: Olivia is in the limo with father dearest and the administration is struggling to put a positive spin on this whole cheating business.

Let's recount the biggest revelations from "It's Handled" — because let's face it: it's not handled — after the jump.

  1. Fitz leaked Olivia's name to the press. Do I have to say it? Duh. He claims he did it so Mellie wouldn't have Olivia's name to blackmail him with, but I don't believe that. Fitz may be the leader of the free world, but sometimes he just does what he wants, and he wants to be with Olivia. He does make a weird choice in leaking the information to the style reporter of The Post, but who cares.
  2. Olivia gets exonerated. They sure sew this up nice and tight, framing communications aide Jeannine Locke as Fitz's mistress. I'm sorry, but don't try to tell me every person slightly involved with Fitz's cabinet hasn't called him "super doable" at least once. That poor girl just gets caught on candid camera. Bummer for her, but good thing she's Pope & Associates' next client.
  3. Olivia's dad is a total monster. Alright, we knew the cutthroat Olivia had to have come from some serious parents, but dayyyum, Rowan is cruel. This whole time, we've been thinking Olivia is top-notch, but to him, she's just "mediocre," and he has no problem telling her so to her face. HER FACE. His viciousness really paints a picture of what was sure to be a very challenging childhood for Olivia. Can you imagine spilling milk in front of that guy? We also learn a little about Olivia's party girl past and the fact that her mom is dead, what else don't we know about Miss Pope?
  4. Cyrus starts a "kill folder" on Olivia. What the heck, man?! I thought he was her monster; what happened?
  5. Fitz urges VP Langston to take him down. Now fully embroiled in the scandal, Fitz has a heart-to-heart with Sally. Remember when she was really just a terrible person? Apparently, now we're supposed to like her a little more, and Fitz is giving her his blessing to establish herself as the moral center of the party and take him down. You can bet she'll try her hardest.
  6. There's a military mystery! We haven't seen the last of Rowan yet, and he's got some business to take care of with Cyrus. At the end of the episode, Cyrus finds his beloved James drugged with Charlie holding a gun to his head and has no choice but to take a ride in a trunk to an undisclosed location. Rowan is waiting for him with a folder containing some top-secret intel about Fitz and Jake's military past. What is it?

Did this episode get you psyched for the upcoming season, or are you bored already?