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American Idol Elimination: Seven Is Heaven

This week on American Idol, we said goodbye to a person who made it pretty darn far — but who would have pulled off an upset by lasting even a week longer. I'm pretty satisfied with these Idol results, and I'm guessing a bunch of you will be, too. Ready to chat about it? Just


Lil, Anoop, and Scott made up this week's bottom three. Crazy! I'm not so sure Anoop deserved to be there; his biggest crime probably was being too forgettable. Lil was sent to safety first, and then Ryan told us only 30,000 votes separated Scott and Anoop, but Scott was on the bottom. After Scott sang one last time (oh man, his high notes are not good), Simon said two judges really wanted him to stay, but it was the end of the road for him anyway. Aw, Scott is a nice person. I'm sort of glad to move on, though.

So the judges' save is still alive for two more weeks. I'm starting to wonder if they'll actually ever use it. And if not, does it make the whole "twist" — especially the part where the judges pretend to deliberate while a contestant sings — kind of lame and pointless? Tell me your thoughts on that below.

A couple of other quick things:

  • I have nothing to say about the group performance other than this: there was a lot of plaid up there on that stage.
  • The Ford commercial costumes were cool! Allison looked especially cute.
  • Kellie Pickler, Frankie Avalon, and Flo Rida? That's one crazy elimination night lineup.
  • Kellie did her usual "naughty minx" thing with Simon, giving him a little dance during her song.
  • Hmmm. Simon is rarely neutral, which is why I can't figure out if he was insulting Ryan or Frankie (or both, kind of?) when he told them they look like twins. Also, per Seacrest's Twitter, Frankie very nearly didn't perform!

So, who needs to step it up the most next week? And which two judges do you think wanted to save Scott?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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