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Scott MacIntyre is Eliminated on American Idol

American Idol Elimination: Seven Is Heaven

This week on American Idol, we said goodbye to a person who made it pretty darn far — but who would have pulled off an upset by lasting even a week longer. I'm pretty satisfied with these Idol results, and I'm guessing a bunch of you will be, too. Ready to chat about it? Just


Lil, Anoop, and Scott made up this week's bottom three. Crazy! I'm not so sure Anoop deserved to be there; his biggest crime probably was being too forgettable. Lil was sent to safety first, and then Ryan told us only 30,000 votes separated Scott and Anoop, but Scott was on the bottom. After Scott sang one last time (oh man, his high notes are not good), Simon said two judges really wanted him to stay, but it was the end of the road for him anyway. Aw, Scott is a nice person. I'm sort of glad to move on, though.

So the judges' save is still alive for two more weeks. I'm starting to wonder if they'll actually ever use it. And if not, does it make the whole "twist" — especially the part where the judges pretend to deliberate while a contestant sings — kind of lame and pointless? Tell me your thoughts on that below.

A couple of other quick things:

  • I have nothing to say about the group performance other than this: there was a lot of plaid up there on that stage.
  • The Ford commercial costumes were cool! Allison looked especially cute.
  • Kellie Pickler, Frankie Avalon, and Flo Rida? That's one crazy elimination night lineup.
  • Kellie did her usual "naughty minx" thing with Simon, giving him a little dance during her song.
  • Hmmm. Simon is rarely neutral, which is why I can't figure out if he was insulting Ryan or Frankie (or both, kind of?) when he told them they look like twins. Also, per Seacrest's Twitter, Frankie very nearly didn't perform!

So, who needs to step it up the most next week? And which two judges do you think wanted to save Scott?

Photos courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
rhondayjenkins rhondayjenkins 8 years
I think "sing for your life" is cruel but I also think that it gives the singer one last time to sing. They might not get another chance to sing again. Yeah Lil needs to step it up. I liked when she sung "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige but it wasn't all that what people was saying it to be. It was good. People must be deaf if they think Adam can't sing or has talent. He is in a way different league than any of them. The three I like the most is Adam, Danny, Allison. All the other ones are ok.
T-S T-S 8 years
Kind of late on this, but anyways... I have watched one episode of American Idol ever. It was the Kelly-Justin finale, and I only watched it because it was on in the room I was in. But I was bored this weekend, and Manfriend and I watched a boatload of the performances online. Just the performances, no comments from judges, no interviews. And we were both We felt so bad for everyone else on the show because Adam is clearly, so far and away, far more talented and a way better performer than anyone else.
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
I wish lil would've been eliminated this week. she and danny annoy me. I'm being totally superficial here but danny's smile annoys me. I liked scott behind the piano, but, I knew he wouldn't win. as long as allison wins it, I don't really care in what order they get eliminated.
care0531 care0531 8 years
The group sing sounded like it was recorded when they were all singing together and then it was live for their solos- that is what AI people claimed they always did once it was leaked out that they were not singing live but the last 2 weeks with Megan who is a poor singer live and lip synching it gave it away.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Did it seem that the group sing was LIVE finally??? WOOO HOO!!!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
haha reesie, that is DEFINITELY a positive way to look at that! haha
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
I think the 'sing for your life' is cruel- especially because they have to sing a song they already KNOW the judges and/or audience didn't like! But I suppose they have to fill up the elimination episodes with something- it is better than another group sing, at least!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I'm basing my opinion on interviews I've seen, clips of them just hanging out, his general demeanor, etc. He just seems like a genuinely nice person who really respected the competition and enjoyed being a part of it. As opposed to someone like Danny Gokey, who just comes off as arrogant to me. I hate his silly little grin!
lemuse20 lemuse20 8 years
I think maybe people say Scott is a nice guy not so much because he is blind, but because he is blind and doesn't expect special treatment. IMO, but who knows... that's why I think he's a nice guy
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
I knew Scott would go this week. I still hate the whole "sing for your life" option that they do at the end. How terrible and nervous would you feel?! I think that the majority of these guys will get a record. I think the reason that people are starting to get annoyed with Lil and Danny is the fact that they have been "good" since the beginning. At the start Adam was hardly even mentioned, it was always Danny and Lil. The rest of them have gotten consistently better and showing growth. I really hope the final 3 is Allison, Kris, and Adam.. but I kinda think Danny will stay longer than Kris :( Anoops next weeks kicker-offer.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
I was totally relieved to see Scott go. Vocally, he just is not talented enough to be a success. I wish Lil would get it together and really knock one out of the park, but- I feel like it sort of is not her fault. She keeps trying to listen to the judges' advice ( which is totally different all the time) and then fails to please them each week. She would be better off if she just found her thing and stuck to it. But- if she can't , then that will be why she doesn't win. I think Kris is pleasant, but that's about it. He used a very flattering arrangement of a song a couple weeks ago that got him some new attention, but I just don't think he has much star power. I like Matt- he is DEFINITELY better when doing his R& B groove,even if he thinks he wants to be in the Frey or Coldplay, but ... he just comes across as a poor Man's Justin Timberlake to me and although he's got talent, he doesn't seem very original to me. Danny... should just go cut a nice Christian Rock or romantic ballad-type record. He also has a good voice, but he is not exciting at all to watch. I like Anoop, but totally agree with what lilkimbo said about him above- he would be great to be friends with, but he just seems bland to me. Also, they keep trying to dress him like a weird preppy Jonas Brother or something. Alison is really amazing. Whether she wins or not, she will come out of this with a contract from someone and hopefully better wardrobe advice. What was up with that ugly oversized plaid shirt??? Who is dressing this girl on AI??? I gotta say, I got love for Adam. he is just consistently talented and has much better vocal control than a lot of these people do. I think he gets attention whether you love him or can't stand him and that's what star-power is about. Again, Adam and Allison always look like they are ENJOYING performing- even in the Ford shoot- some of the others just looked really awkward and uncomfortable in their makeup and costumes and those two just rolled with it and had fun. This comfort performing is a huge plus for both of them. As far as the guest acts go- does AI not know that Flo Rida song is about blow jobs?? ( can I even say that on PopSugar??) I mean, ok, I am not against songs about BJs in general, but it IS supposed to be a family friendly show. My son wants to download that song now, but even if he doesn't know what it means, I am not going to be the mom who introduces the topic to the third grade! I am sure at least one kid out there knows what he meant about 'going down, going down, going downtown' nice family show, American Idol, lol!!
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I don't get why people say scott is such a "good person" why? What evidence? Bc he is blind?
Harmonia Harmonia 8 years
I wanted Anoop to go, second- Lil, and then only Scott, he's not the best singer, but he's such a good person.. ;)) I hope next week Anoop or Lil will go.. I think Judges saves 'save' for Matt or Allison, because they were in bottom 3 and they can be voted off.
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 8 years
Lil gets shit on week after week Are you confusing her with Allison?
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
Well thanks lil, I didn't know that he was in wicked. Danny and Lil along with Adam get the most praise, but I think Lil and Danny get the most. Wasn't that peoples complaints that they over did it with the praise with these two, like they set them up to win.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
And you must have missed the Hollywood week episodes, because they went on and on about Adam's stage experience. He has been in Wicked, among other things.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Pink, no one is referring to you; we are talking in general, so just because you didn't know or don't think way doesn't mean that the sentiment isn't out there. We must be watching two different shows, because I certainly have not witnessed Danny and Lil getting more praise than Adam.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
So is Danny and Lil they get way more praise than Adam, I sure don't want any of them to fail. I didn't even know Adam had more experience, what experience does he have? I just don't like him personally I'm sure he is a great guy. Since the beginning I questioned why he was there.
care0531 care0531 8 years
I am SO Happy they didn't save Scott. I think it was out of sympathy that they wanted to save him. I read some of these comments and I wonder if I am even watching the same show. Lil needs to step up, Kris had 1 good week, Danny is over rated. Adam is talented as hell but can't sing as good as his talent is and Matt and Alison are the best vocally with Matt having the edge. Obviously this is my opinion!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
To go along with what ktc said, a lot of people also want to see Adam fail because they feel he was too polished/had too much experience going in to the competition.
ktc71 ktc71 8 years
Why would anyone want to see Adam fail? Because he is getting a lot of attention and praise. Its the nature of the beast. If one isn't a fan of Adam but really likes some of the other contestants, I can see how all the praise and attention could be annoying. Therefore, they are waiting for him to have a really bad week. I get it. It wasn't a personal attack on anyone here...just an observation.
Yv Yv 8 years
Kellie Pickler, Frankie Avalon, and Flo Rida? I didn't know any of them. But I don't live in USA, so... This Kellie sounded awful, like bad karaoke, and has really unpleasant voice. She actually sounded and moved like early stage AI contestant. She looked great though. I wanted Lil gone and then Scott next so as long as Lil goes next week I'm good. Anoop needs to step it up. Although I honestly don't believe he's got anything in his sleeve. He's likable but boring. I think he's gone within the next two weeks. And I like everyone from the final 5. Each one of them has unbelievable voice and can make a good record.
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 8 years
I think Kellie Pickler sucks ugly hairy donkey butt. Dumb girls are annoying. I think Adam and Allison are both on the screamy/screechy side, but both have artistry*TM Kara. I think Kris has the best shot for mainstream success...good, but not top tier talent, malleable with a lot of potential and not hard to look at. I think Matt is far more talented, but his petulant face is irksome, decreasing his likability. The look on his face when he was in the bottom two a few weeks back...yike, it was like someone ran over his puppy and he was going to hunt them down with a twelve gauge shotgun.
lemuse20 lemuse20 8 years
I'm glad Simon did the right thing... having said that, I'm glad Scott gets to at least tour!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
Why would anyone want to see someone fail I just don't get his supposed talent, screaming and screeching does not equal talent in my book, like I said he sang great during MOTOWN week. Allison has been the most consistent in this competition.
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