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Separated at Birth: "Don't Forget the Lyrics" and "The Singing Bee"

Separated at Birth: "Don't Forget the Lyrics" and "The Singing Bee"

Fox and NBC kicked off their karaoke wars this week with the premieres of "The Singing Bee" and "Don't Forget the Lyrics." While I was secretly hoping the shows would slink away into "National Bingo Night"-style obscurity, "The Singing Bee" became the summer's most-watched program on Tuesday, and "Lyrics" held its own on Wednesday (it also airs another new episode tonight). Lest you be confused by the similar-sounding shows, I've put together this handy guide to help you tell them apart:

"The Singing Bee" "Don't Forget the Lyrics"
Network NBC Fox
Host Joey Fatone Wayne Brady
Prize Money $50,000 $1 million
Cute Mascot Cartoon bumblebee None
Use of "Walk Like an Egyptian" Yes Yes
Philosophy "You don't have to sing it well; you just have to sing it right" "Can you keep singing when the music stops?"
Obvious attempt to embarrass the host Contestants had to sing "Bye Bye Bye" None yet
Go-go dancers Yes No
Descended from The National Spelling Bee "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"
Similarity to actual karaoke 6 out of 10 9 out of 10

Photos courtesy of NBC and Fox

Join The Conversation
Aminah-Akalea Aminah-Akalea 9 years
I dont think anyone should be embarrass to admit they like something especially certain television shows, i think it's a rather silly thing to say, who cares about what others think, we're all different, we're bound to like certain things. Well i lovveeeeee the Spelling Bee, though those ppl sometimes freak me out with their weird excitment, lol, but i like Don't forget the Lyrics alot also :D, it's so fun, entertaining and educational, i really use to get some of those words wrong too, I love them both!! :D
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
I liked Singing Bee the least. I can give it another try though.
hepsmom hepsmom 10 years
Last night I caught both shows. I wound up liking (as much as you can like summer-pablum) "The Singing Bee." "Don't Forget the Lyrics" doesn't do justice to Wayne Brady's talent, is too long and drawn out, and lets the contestant pick too much. I enjoyed Joey Fatone, but then again, I USUALLY enjoy him. I also like the way that "The Singing Bee" is resolved within the show.
Whoaaa-Stephanie Whoaaa-Stephanie 10 years
Don't forget the lyrics seems a little too easy for a million dollars. I haven't watched the singing bee yet, I like the choice of hosts though
arienne arienne 10 years
I liked the Singing Bee. It's not something I'm going to TiVo, but if I happen to catch it on I'd watch it again. It was MUCH more fast paced than Don't Forget the Lyrics.
shafiii shafiii 10 years
I watched The Singing Bee and it wasnt that bad, cause i like Joey Fatone, hes fun! I might check out Don't Forget the Lyrics tonight to compare them, but otherwise I think both are just filler shows.
Ejmcmis Ejmcmis 10 years
I guess I'm in the minority about this comment, but I copied and pasted below a comment that I added earlier about "Don't Forget the Lyrics" in the what to tivo section.... . see below... . Everyone has to watch "Don't Forget the Lyrics", I saw the premier yesterday and it's AWESOME!!! . ch-ch-ch-check it out! . Seriously, the producers picked a phenominal first contestant. She is bubbly, energetic, sings atrociously, but LOOOOOVES the songs, heck she was even dancing to the songs. Oh, and when she picked the Jakson 5 - ABC, Wayne Brady (the host) picked out a guy from the audience and they danced as her back-up dancers for the duration of the song. I will say, in all of the things that I've seen Wayne Brady in, none of them seemed to quite fit. This one looks a bit better macthed to his multi-faceted performance style. All in all I was amazed by the production quality of the show. . Final note: WATCH THE SHOW, IT'S GREAT!
girlboy girlboy 10 years
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
I'm actually kind of embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed The Singing Bee. I doubt I'll watch it again, but it was pretty fast-paced and high-energy.
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
okay i'm in the minority here.but i was super excited for these shows. I didn't see Singing Bee yet, i was working. But i watched Don't Forget the Lyrics. I thought it was cute.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Both shows look ridiculously dumb.
radarkitty radarkitty 10 years
I watched part of Don't Forget the Lyric. It was pretty bad. But I have never been into the whole karoke thing anyway. I wonder if Wayne Brady is just desperate to stay on TV.
divinedebris divinedebris 10 years
'I watched "Don't Forget the Lyrics, I wasn't impressed. It didn't have enough energy and it was way too "Millionaire" for me. Maybe "Singing Bee" is better.
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