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Sex and the City: Sugary Sweet With a Sad Center

Despite the fact that I've never owned shoes in the $500+ range and have never been a single and fabulous 30-something (or 40-something) New Yorker, I related to and loved the characters on Sex and the City. Every week I could count on seeing four women who placed a high value on their female friendships rather than tearing each other down (ahem, The Hills), who fought bravely against those who would look down on them for being unmarried, and who talked candidly about not just sex, but everything. Amidst hardship, lapses in judgment, and insecurities, they were smart ladies who had the understanding that life — even for the truly sophisticated — is no fairytale.

Some of these cherished characteristics translated well to the big screen version and I'm so thankful for that. But I'm also a bit mystified by how far it strays at times from the very aspects I loved so much. I wish I could say that it's a witty and modern take on the meaning of love and friendship for middle-aged women (and women approaching middle-age). Instead, the film is at times a fun fantasy, but it's not the Sex and the City I remember.

To see what I totally enjoyed about seeing these women back together and what struck a false note,


The first third of the film has a lot of the good stuff from the series: it's irreverent, funny, absurd, intelligent, and full of sharp insights into marriage and being single in your 40s, all the while poking fun at its own universe. Then, slowly but surely, the movie veers into some strange territory and the women start taking themselves and their designer bags way too seriously, and everyone loses a normal dose of perspective.

Bravo to the writers for taking a risk with some genuinely dark moments (a necessity for a feature-length film, and this one is lengthy at over two hours) but even so (without giving away too many details, I promise you), nothing is so bad that any character should ever seriously utter the line, "Will I ever laugh again?" Even Miranda, who could always be counted on for some snappy, cynical retorts that zap her friends back to reality is morosely silent for most of the film. I really liked how strong Miranda was in the series, and in the movie it's like she isn't given enough words. It's so disappointing.

That said, you will probably laugh at some hilarious moments, and you might even cry. Your heart will likely race with the excitement of seeing all of these characters together again and will revel in the exhilarating fact that they're here, living their lives as if they'd never left us. But there are many moments where everything just feels forced and lackluster. Of course there's an emphasis on couture and living the high life in New York, which is sometimes glamorous but mostly just rings empty. We're not all "looking for labels and love," actually. We want to laugh, we want these ladies to give at least some kind of voice to our modern hopes and fears and we definitely do not want to be pandered to.

My bottom line: For each moment of applause and laughter at my screening, there was an equal amount of groaning and eye-rolling. It succeeds in that it's not a disaster and I'm glad I saw it. It fails in that it isn't really a movie, it's a season of SATC smooshed together, and compared to the other seasons, well, they've done a lot better.

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tepiza tepiza 9 years
I give the movie 2 stars. I've seen every single episode in the series and I was so accustomed to a certain Sex and the City which boasted of character development and interesting plot lines. The movie lacked both. I went into the movie with such high expectations and left bewildered as to how they managed to milk the movie without a plot. Besides the overwhelming amount of product placement and excessive array of clothes, the characters just weren't the same. Carrie seemed too mellow, Big wasn't as charming, and Miranda not as snappy and witty. The only person who didn't disappoint was Samantha. I'm greatly disappointed in the movie but luckily I can still pop in a dvd from the 6 seasons every now and then and reminisce about the good times.
yadiet yadiet 9 years
going to watch it tomorrow night. hopefully it is a good flick
juicylove juicylove 9 years
i lovedddddd the movie:$! so much, i seirously hope theres another one!
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 9 years
well they didn't see each other as often as they did on the show. Samantha moved across the country. And they now had children and husbands to attend to... so each moment of Girls Bonding was a little more special with their changing lives...
MSucre MSucre 9 years
The only thing that really bothered me about the movie was all the squealing. Did anyone else notice how much the ladies squeaked and squealled every time they saw one another. That was certainly out of character....
LyzzNY LyzzNY 9 years
loved this movie... best friends = true love...
LuvLeoDiCaprio LuvLeoDiCaprio 9 years
I finally saw it , loved it !
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I thought they did a great job with the movie. Sad things did happen in the seasons of the show. It just happens a little faster in this. I think it really was like a season of the show but obviously had to put more things into a shorter amount of time.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 9 years
haha Yeah... i knew it was Love too... It should have been Big is a Jackass...
igottrouble igottrouble 9 years
i couldnt agree more!!! this movie turned into a predictable romance movie. who else totally called that the password to the email was "love"??? i left the theater feeling annoyed
princessjaslew princessjaslew 9 years
finally! a review that i can agree with! i mean, i'm a huge huge fan (i actually had cable JUST to watch the show) but i felt like i could have waited till this movie went on dvd :(
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 9 years
Oh they wont wait.. they are gona release that DVD asap to keep riding on the movie BuZZ
Alek Alek 9 years
I went in really worried by all the negative snark leading up to it [especially from male reviewers... and jezebelly cooler-than-thou types (but you know they have the box set at home) grrrr]. Anyway, LOVED it! Few nitpicks of course: "labels and love" = dopey more Anthony please! Otherwise it was everything I could have hoped for and more. Wonderful work by all involved!!! Best time I've had at the movies since The Prestige (and that was a while back). I will be just as nervous about the sequel (and there will be just as much snark in the leadup) but I can't wait already! At least there'll be the DVD to parse in the meantime (hope they don't wait till Christmas!)
simbaspaws simbaspaws 9 years
Oh yeah, did I mention, I also want that beautiful flower ring.....what a stunner....
simbaspaws simbaspaws 9 years
I do not agree with the review....I saw the movie and I loved every second of it. I was afraid it would not be the same, but it was sooo good and very funny. I did not find it cheesy at all and the line "Will I ever laugh again..." was fitting in that moment. I felt so bad for her. Charlotte was so great too.
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
I loved it. I like that they went a little serious - since that happens in real life. And, I never rolled my eyes! The thing I loved most was that I felt like I could actually see the love between those 4 woman. They all did find love in New York - Carrie's original goal, they found it in eachother!
mannylove mannylove 9 years
I completely loved it! I am a diehard fan & have been waiting for this movie for so long! Both me & my friend walked out of the theatre totally satisfied, and only sad that it was over. Here's hoping for a sequel...and soon!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
I freaking loved it! I laughed so hard and teared up a little bit... wanted a little more Miranda, like has been said before... but overall, the outfits WOW.
Poster-of-a-Girl Poster-of-a-Girl 9 years
Definitely agree with the review! And as someone else also mentioned, Charlotte was FANTASTIC in this movie. I was so surprised by her.
Rabbit88 Rabbit88 9 years
die hard SATC fan... i was glad that i saw it... but BUZZ you nailed it on the head about the "labels" nonsense... and living the high life in new york. the show was never really about that ever. and i was disappointed that it went there. a lot of scenes felt forced... especially the ones with Big and Carrie. and i too missed miranda's cynical amazing banter.
chutzpah chutzpah 9 years
sunnyheart, I know I should have stayed through all the credits but had an appointment elsewhere. There is a book about the movie that tells who made all the clothes and the jewelry...I'll either buy the book which is supposed to be fantastic or I'll go into a bookstore and find out who made the ring. I agree that they did a great job making SJP look awful in Mexico...very realistic.
sunnyheart sunnyheart 9 years
chutzpah, if you stay through all the credits it names the designer who designed the ring. I don't remember her name, but if you're dying to know, just go see it again and stay all the way to the end... buzz I disagree... I love Chris Noth, I loved the whole movie so much! If you've ever broken up with a fiance, you understand the will I ever laugh again line 100%. I was so glad they made her look so horrible in Mexico--very realistic.
MamaD MamaD 9 years
I totally loved truly was a love letter to the fans!!!!! While there were common threads there was also the natural progression that time demands! In a word...FABULOUS!!!!!!
susanec susanec 9 years
It struck some chords with me and I was happy to see the girls again but it wasn't perfect. I went with a really Russian (read: blunt) friend and about a third of the way through she said, "This is bullsh*t, I do not like this, they do bad job with movie." Then she was ultimately okay by the end. I liked riding it out but I can see where she was coming from (she's not one for fuss or drama). As always, the men got shortchanged. Especially Stanford. I'm very, very curious!
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