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Sex and the City Prequel The Carrie Diaries May Be a TV Show 2011-08-17 09:10:42

4 Reasons the Sex and the City Prequel Will Work Better as a TV Series

Rumors of a Sex and the City prequel film have been flying for a while now, but now comes news that it may be a TV series instead. The CW is interested in adapting Candace Bushnell's book The Carrie Diaries for the small screen, which will follow Carrie's high school years. It's an interesting idea to serialize Carrie Bradshaw's teen days rather than making it into a movie, and I actually think that the project would work better on the small screen. Here are a few reasons why.

1. The movies have been disappointing. The Sex and the City films have been mildly entertaining in their own right, but they've never captured the essence of the TV show. Perhaps it's because they went overboard trying to bring the show to the movies, so this should be a valuable lesson to the minds behind the project — the prequel, like the original series, could start small and focus on developing the characters.

2. Gossip Girl is on its way out. The CW's current series isn't as snappy as it once was, and its stars are making their way into movies and away from the show. We've already seen those Upper East Siders grow up, so now it's time for them to move on. The clothes- and love-obsessed Carrie would be a perfect replacement.


To see the other reasons, just read more.

3. The show's roots are on TV. A TV show just makes more sense from a historical standpoint; the life of Carrie could never have started out as a movie, so why try to get all her youthful development done in two hours? I can imagine that she did a lot of living before she got to her 30s, so let's give them time to show us how she got there.

4. You'd have something to look forward to every week. Remember when you couldn't wait for Sunday because there was a new episode of Sex and the City? With a series, we'd go back to that, and would be able to bring back those weekly viewing parties with your friends.

How do you feel about this news? Would you welcome a younger Carrie Bradshaw into your life on a weekly basis?

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