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Sexy Gendry GIFs and Pictures From Game of Thrones

The 14 Sexiest Gendry Moments That Would Make Any Game of Thrones Fan Pull an Arya

Image Source: HBO

It's not every day that we're calling someone of Baratheon descent "sexy," but as the last known living person in Robert Baratheon's bloodline, Gendry definitely warrants that description. During episode two of season eight, we see Arya make her move on the man who took her under his wing so many years ago, but considering it's the night before the biggest battle of all of their lives, we can't blame her. We, too, would shoot our shot with a clean-shaven Gendry after he makes us the weapon of our dreams. Not only did he endure Melisandre's torture with leeches in season three, but he also comes back stronger than ever in Winterfell. Ahead, check out Gendry's sexiest moments on Game of Thrones that include shirtless blacksmith scenes, making out with Arya, and more.

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