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The Shadowboxers and Justin Timberlake "Runaway" Song

This New Song Justin Timberlake Produced Is as Catchy as It Is Heartbreaking

When Justin Timberlake discovered The Shadowboxers in 2013 on Twitter, he knew instantly that they would be stars. Their soulful, infectious sound set them apart from any other band currently in the music scene, and Justin could see that each of the three band members is as musically and vocally talented as the next.

Fast forward a few years later, and The Shadowboxers — bandmates Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman from Atlanta — are in the recording studio with Justin, producing some of the most addicting songs your ears ever did hear. After countless hours of writing and recording, The Shadowboxers have come out with a brand-new single called "Runaway" — and it's as catchy as it is heartbreaking.

You can definitely hear hints of Justin's musical influence, and that's because he lent a hand in producing the song.


While The Shadowboxers' last single, "Hot Damn," was a powerhouse hit that gives you a sexy adrenaline rush, "Runaway" is certainly on the more vulnerable side. The song starts with, "Trying to make sense of a rain storm, it don't matter if you're wrong or right. So if you go again, just go again. Don't make a scene." And these are the lyrics in the bridge: "I never thought you'd run away, there's so much we didn't say. Don't you try giving me up." Are your hearts breaking yet?!

Even though "Runaway" certainly has an underlying theme of confusion and uncertainty that's sometimes experienced in a relationship, the beat is absolutely contagious, and you can't help but tap your foot.

Justin tweeted about the release of the new single today, gushing about how proud he is of Scott, Matt, and Adam: "My guys did it again...New track out today. #Runaway"

We can't wait to see what other hits The Shadowboxers will release this year! Now if only we could see them perform with Justin at the Super Bowl halftime show . . .

Image Source: The Shadowboxers
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