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It's Official! Breakout Band The Shadowboxers Is Going on Tour With Justin Timberlake

You may not have heard of The Shadowboxers yet, but we're guessing you've heard the name Justin Timberlake once or twice in your lifetime. Well, long story short, Justin discovered The Shadowboxers in 2013 (on Twitter, of all places) and eventually signed them to his Villa 40 artist development company. Over the last couple years, he's been mentoring them and producing music with them, and now he's taking the band on tour.

The Shadowboxers — Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman — have recently released two major singles, "Hot Damn" and "Runaway," and it's clear as soon as you hear them why Justin found this band so irresistible. These three musicians are beyond talented, and the rhythmic harmonies they accomplish with their vocals will blow your mind. Rolling Stone once described The Shadowboxers as "a Nashville-by-way-of-Atlanta vocal group that has been making a name for itself."

They'll be the opening act for Justin's Man of the Woods tour, and you can catch them at more than 30 arena dates this year. Tickets are already on sale, so don't dilly-dally — these performances are likely going to sell out fast!


"We have been playing live and touring for so many years, and we've always dreamed of going on a tour like this," The Shadowboxers told POPSUGAR. "We are so excited and feel so confident about our show and the new material that we'll get to play every night. And to be on the road with one of the greatest performers of all time is such an incredible honor."

Their original music has garnered over four million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, so if you're not familiar with The Shadowboxers yet, listen to their latest single "Runaway" below.

Image Source: The Shadowboxers
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