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Sherlock Holmes, Where the Wild Things Are, The Box, The Book of Eli, and Jonah Hex at San Diego Comic Con 2009

2009 Comic-Con: Sherlock, Wild Things, The Box, and More!

Today at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. provided a closer look at some of its most-anticipated upcoming films. In a packed 90 minutes, we got sneak peeks at Where the Wild Things Are, The Book of Eli, The Box, Jonah Hex, and Sherlock Holmes. The panels were chock-full of celebs, which made for a lot of fan excitement and some interesting questions (including multiple marriage proposals for Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz). Here are my thoughts:

  • Where the Wild Things Are: We didn't get a full panel and Q&A for this one, but the clips were more than enough to satisfy fans who have been dying to see more of Spike Jonze's newest project. I was so excited to find that the scenes were just as touching and mesmerizing as as the film's trailer. Basically, I can't wait for Oct. 16!
  • The Book of Eli: This morning I showed you all the trailer for the movie, but having the cast on hand was even better. Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman seemed to have a great relationship — the perfect balance of mutual respect mixed with a lot of goofing around. When asked what it was like to work together, they quipped:
    Washington: "It was like good sex. We had a ball together. Sometimes we do the scene as English gentlemen . . ."
    Oldman: "Sometimes you do it with the slang African-American, sometimes it's the English gentleman, sometimes it's the thespian . . . like good sex."

    It should be awesome to see these two duke it out on the big screen. Oh, and Oldman also revealed that he'll start filming the next Batman next year — adding "But you didn't hear it from me."

Want to hear about The Box, Jonah Hex, and Sherlock Holmes? Of course! Just


  • The Box: Cameron Diaz and James Marsden came out along with director Richard Kelly to answer questions about the upcoming creepy sci-fi flick. We got the first taste of the film's eerie score, which is done by The Arcade Fire, and Frank Langella's scarred face was even more haunting than I remembered it from the trailer. Diaz isn't exactly known for supernatural thrillers, but she talked a bit about why she loves the genre. She said:
    "What I really love about sci-fi is that it comes from the creative, artistic intellectual who is trying to answer all of these existential questions that we have. When I read Richard's script, I thought, 'There's so much about humanity in this script and so much we're trying to understand about ourselves just pushing a button'. . . It was just so big. . . I loved that about it, and that's what I love about sci-fi. I grew up on sci-fi. My dad was a sci-fi reader. It's always been something I've really enjoyed."

  • Jonah Hex: This creepy-looking Western doesn't hit theaters until next Summer, but I'm not surprised that it's already garnering interest. Josh Brolin stars as the title character, an intimidating cowboy with swagger, a bad attitude, and a mysterious scar (a hole, really) on the side of his face. Megan Fox plays his prostitute love interest, and while the trailer made me a bit squeamish, I have to admit that I was intrigued. Brolin seemed effusively proud of the project — almost to the point of arrogance — while Fox sat pretty on the panel and tried to dodge questions from drooling fanboys.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Robert Downey Jr. needed no introduction, and he ate up all the cheers and applause with the charm and charisma that makes him so great. The movie footage was really just an extended version of the trailer, but the panel was more than enough to reaffirm my enthusiasm. RDJ, along with the film's producers (including his wife, Susan Downey) and Rachel McAdams, reiterated again and again how hard they worked on the film. They cited the biggest challenge as staying true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original portrayal of the characters, but not before Downey joked, "This is how sick I am: I don't think there's anything that can be too challenging for me. I have an illness of confidence."

Stay tuned for more from San Diego all weekend!

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