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Shonda & Co. Shed Light on "Private Practice," "Grey's"

Shonda & Co. Shed Light on "Private Practice," "Grey's"

ABC waited until almost the end of the TCA press tour to trot out one of its most highly anticipated new shows: "Private Practice." The entire cast (save for the recently added Audra McDonald) was on hand to talk about the show, and with Shonda Rhimes holding court, there were sure to be a few questions about her other little show as well. To see what we learned about "Private Practice" and read a few of Shonda's thoughts on "Grey's," just

  • One curiosity about "Private Practice," right off the bat: The trailer ABC has put together for it is almost 100 percent scenes from "Grey's." So yeah, still can't really tell from that what kind of show this is going to be. Along those lines, Rhimes emphasized that the two-hour episode was, above all, an episode of "Grey's" with some new characters thrown in, not an episode of "Private Practice." The new show is lighter, she said, and more like "a squabbling family" than high schoolers with scalpels.
  • Officially, here's how the whole "Private Practice" process started: Rhimes was in the editing room one day in September and started typing up some scenes (which later became part of the double episode). She and executive producer Betsy Beers took the idea to ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson and, over a late-night dinner, convinced him that the spinoff could work.
  • What can "Private Practice" do that "Grey's" can't? "Not surgery," Rhimes said. The show will be more grounded in alternative medicine, psychiatry, fertility, etc. There will be a voice of traditional medicine, though, in the form of KaDee Strickland's character, Charlotte.
  • Kate Walsh on reading the "Private Practice" script for the first time: "It was like a really super top-secret diary of somebody else's I had just found." She also described the setup of the show for her as "taking a character and just kind of plopping her in a new environment at 39 years old and just seeing her flail like a bug on her back."
  • There are no plans at the moment for a crossover episode between "Grey's" and "Private Practice," Rhimes said — but in the first episode of "Practice," we'll see Addison give Richard her resignation.
  • Though the session was meant to be about "Private Practice," Rhimes didn't shy away from the handful of "Grey's" questions she received. She said she understands the viewer outrage over hooking up George and Izzie on "Grey's" — and that fans' reactions will mirror those of Meredith and Cristina and Alex when they find out what their two friends have done. Still, she said she doesn't believe the show went wrong at the end of the season; "to me," she said, "it was the journey that we had planned to take all along."
  • One brave soul asked Rhimes if she felt "Grey's" had used up any of its goodwill with the rough end of the season, and she said no. She and "Lost"'s Damon Lindeloff have talked about the nature of a backlash, she said, and they believe it happens to every show. "There has to be a moment in which people disagree with sort of where you're going creatively," she said. "But if you're telling your stories well, they'll stick with you, hopefully, and watch us grow and change."

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Join The Conversation
urbanrosed urbanrosed 10 years
Addison ended up stupid in the PP episode of Grey's... I miss the smart, funny, biting Addison! If PP is all fluffy, I'll have to find a new TV love.
lanilovespeaches lanilovespeaches 10 years
i can't wait until fall so i can see what she's got planned for PP and GA!!
<3-Gossip <3-Gossip 10 years
not sure about PP
sibalc sibalc 10 years
I'm dying for the new season of Grey's and I absolutely hate Gizzie...
angeldevilwings angeldevilwings 10 years
I'm over Grey's and am moving on with PP.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
oh i can't wait to see private practice! kate walsh is so amazing and i love addison so i'm happy to see a whole show with her as one of just a few characters rather than a bit part on a show about merideth (who i don't especially like). grey's season 3 is like you all are saying - not bad at the beginning but that whole ferry thing? gah...
haydee haydee 10 years
love addison. Can't wait to see the show
calamityjen calamityjen 10 years
I think the whole George and Izzie thing was ridiculous and I hated it, but...I'm a die hard fan and will keep watching Grey's for as long as it's on. And I am so excited about Private Practice! I can't wait for something lighter, and I love the idea that Addison will be a more central character than she was in Grey's. Love her! :)
Kazagirl Kazagirl 10 years
I am not even looking forward to the season premiere of Grey's. It is going to be so weird to not see Addison or Burke and then we have to watch the awkward scenes with Meredith and Derek and also the heart broken Cristina. And don't even get me started on the George/Izzy/Callie drama. I am looking forward to seeing Private Practice though.
tickledpink tickledpink 10 years
I love Grey's at times this past season it drove me crazy, but i am hoping next season will be better!!! As for Private Practice I am excitied about it and I hope it lives up to Shonda Rimes reputation.
absolut_lauren absolut_lauren 10 years
I LOVE Taye Diggs and Private Practice looks just as good as Grey's... the characters seem just as quirky.
SouthernMom SouthernMom 10 years
Taye Diggs didn't have much luck with Daybreak. If the pilot is any indication, then we're doomed. Grey's needs a lot of freshening up. This past season was awful. I know a lot of people who just kept watching hoping it would get better.
shafiii shafiii 10 years
im not so excited about private practice, but i think im gonna continue wathing greys even though the recent season sucked majorly
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
mwmsjuly, I was just having the same debate about the DVD. On the one hand, I really did like the first half of the season — and, now that I've had some distance from it, the finale. On the other hand, I'd have to own the ferry boat arc forever. Hm.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
"But if you're telling your stories well, they'll stick with you, hopefully, and watch us grow and change." Hmmm....but what if you're not telling your stories well? Shondra obviously thinks she has been a good storyteller and it is the viewers who haven't understood the arcs and plot lines. Wonder if she's ever considered that she might be wrong? Like others, I was really disappointed with most of this season's Grey's, but have to admit that I'll be the first to tune in in the fall. I'll also give PP a shot, hoping to be surprised. Thanks for all the insight, Buzz. Sounds like an interesting session.
cjpowers18 cjpowers18 10 years
I think that Grey's jumped the shark for me some time ago. I wanted more fun, less whining...I think I am going to find the fun with Private Practice. Count me in!
Chica8a Chica8a 10 years
I hope Greys gets better this Season to come and i really dont think I will get into the Private Practice but I will give it a look see
fabinpink fabinpink 10 years
I cant wait for Private Practice. Im so done with GA. I love Addison/Kate!
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
Also, why does Taye Diggs look like such a little weirdo in that photo? He's gorgeous, but he is not looking good up there...
CJaneTyp CJaneTyp 10 years
I love Addison and Kate both.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
i hated this spin off, and it wont last. Than addison will have to go back to greys, and all will be well.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
alright...i'm kinda feeling it
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
Shonda is killing Grey's with the dumb storylines (Meredith's death, Gizzie, Callie wanting to get knocked up...) and the tired MerDer relationship. The sister is letting me down! I'm not even sure I want to buy season 3 on DVD, b/c I hated most of it so much. And I have to admit: Private Practice bored the hell out of me in that 2-hour intro. If it doesn't work, I hope they'll find a way to bring Addison back to Seattle. Her character was awesome -- but what's with all of a sudden making her want to have a baby and then telling us her womb is useless? Lame Shonda. Lame.
Maria84 Maria84 10 years
I hope Grey's gets better. It fizzled for me the last few episodes. As for Private Practice, I don't know if I am going to watch it. I will give it a shot because that crossover episode was boring for me.
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 10 years
Me either, totally psyched!
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