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Should Actors Direct Themselves in Movies?

Helen Hunt has done it. Woody Allen has done it. Clint Eastwood has done it. Now Ben Affleck is joining the ever-growing group of actors who star in movies they direct.

It seems like it might be tough to maintain a "big picture" view of a project if the director is also the star of the film, but then again, he/she knows better than anyone else precisely how the performance should look.

What do you think? Is it a good idea for actors to direct themselves?

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genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
No, it's too hard to critique yourself plus you're only getting one perspective vs having the perspective of yourself and the director.
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 8 years
I got no issue as long as it isn't Quentin Tarrantino. He's the worst thing about his movies, and I *like* his movies
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
thank you KittenHeel! forget Helen Hunt and Clin Eastwood; what about Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Anne Bancroft! credit some real talent! anyhoo; I got no problem with it as long as the person is both a good actor and director...
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
It's been done so why not?
cibele cibele 8 years
If they're good, I don't see why not.
mimisnowball mimisnowball 8 years
IT seems like directing is more than a full time job as it is, but you cant argue with success since Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner won Oscars with their first directing jobs and they were the stars of the picture.
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