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Should Blair Be With Dan or Chuck on Gossip Girl?

Who Is Blair's Soul Mate on Gossip Girl?

Blair Waldorf may be engaged to Louis on Gossip Girl, but we're not giving up on her other suitors until she and her prince say "I do." We know we're not alone on this either, given the hoards of fans who have pledged their allegiance to Team Chair or Team Dair. Even Penn Badgley himself has opened up about his feelings toward Blair's love life. He told Nylon magazine that "I think Blair is Dan's soul mate. I don't know if they're ever going to get together."

It seemed like any chance of a real Dan and Blair relationship was lost at the end of last season, but there's clearly still a fire between them in the more recent episodes. Still, Gossip Girl has essentially programmed us to believe that Blair and Chuck will always be meant for each other, no matter what. They're like the Ross and Rachel of the show. Where do you stand on the debate — do you think Blair's soul mate is Dan or Chuck?

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Nu-Liya Nu-Liya 5 years
no way for dair, i think dan and her is just bestfriends whom happen to have a sorta interest. Chuck is the soul mate!
SameOne SameOne 5 years
Dan. I used to ship Chair, but he's crossed too many lines. Now I like how Dan sees Blair and is there for her. I like that he challenges Blair to grow.
dets dets 5 years
I believe that Chuck is her romantic soulmate. Dan could very well be her soulmate in friendship ala Dawson and Joey but never romantic. Blair needs acceptance for everything she is as well as passion and Dan could never offer all of those things to her.
The-Word The-Word 5 years
Chuck and Blair. He sees all of her sides and accepts them. In the second episode it was obvious Dan does not accept all of Blair when he said "I thought you changed". He still judges her. Chuck doesn't judge Blair and loves her light and dark sides. They have the best chemistry and ,well, Queens marry Kings not Brooklyn Muppets.
AshleysWonderland AshleysWonderland 5 years
team Dair Sorry but abuse is not romantic at all. And you cant even argue that they have a normal relationship, he almost hit her, he pushed her, he goes out of his way to humiliate her and mentally abuses her. Dan is there for her, he cares. They are able to relate on a different level than Blair ever could with anyone else. He sees the real her and she is actually herself with him, no games.
Anarkia Anarkia 5 years
Dan and Blair have a cute dynamic and I enjoy their scenes together, but Chuck and Blair are the only pairing that elevate the show from its teenage, rom com roots. I don't understand how anyone can seriously want Dan/Blair to become the story GG is telling. And two buzzsugar staff writers no less! Are they watching the same show that I am?
Mrsdexterhaven Mrsdexterhaven 5 years
How many polls do Chuck and Blair have to win before people get it? We want Chuck and Blair! That is never going to change, no matter polls are posted.
pss pss 5 years
This one is really funny. There is not contest. Chuck, and not because they have "most passion", they are butterflies and fireworks, they're Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. And he leaves her go cause he loves her, instead of lying to her in order to take her to his ex girlfriend grandma's place in the Hamptons to "connect" with her.
katiemacs katiemacs 5 years
Given that kissing Dan made Blair want Chuck, I'm kind of baffled how anyone could consider Dan her soulmate... at least in a romantic way. She's always chosen Chuck, and suspect she always will.
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
Team Dan.
njbclover njbclover 5 years
I think this is all pretty laughable and Penn's comment downright bizarre unless he means Dan and Blair are soulmates in that they share alot of things in common. I'd pick Serena, Vanessa and even NATE over Blair as Dan's soulmate.
MCsquare MCsquare 5 years
@Molly Goodson You're are one of the few. "poor Chuck" trneded worldwide after the Chair scene.
Chrisma86 Chrisma86 5 years
this is a horrible poll. I voted for Chuck obviously but they are more than passion. They complement each other in every way possible. They are real love, they are every facet of love, which is passion, friendship, compassion, and more importantly understanding. They don't pretend the other is anything different than what they are. They accept and love all they are. They forgive mistakes and they STILL love each other. They are it for each other. The other options do not even compute.
sunsand sunsand 5 years
I am so sick of all the sites trying to use this Chuck Blair Dan Blair fan wars. You all know how passionate the Chair fans so you are trying to make them mad to get more hits. This isn't even a question. Chuck and Blair are soulmates. They are meant to be. They belong together. They are Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair. Noone can deny this. They are epic and irreplacable.Please don't destroy GG with Dan Blair.They look like siblings. There is no burning like fire sexual chemistry between thenm which could make me glue to the screen puhlease!
bonnieleighc bonnieleighc 5 years
And YES Chuck and Blair are Ross and Rachel and Bland is Rachel and Joey
bonnieleighc bonnieleighc 5 years
Seriously, a soulmate has to be someone who is in love with the other person. That's not Dan and you clearly have missed that Chuck and Blair is the story, despite you media wannabe's attention to the failure that is DB. Check the ratings - nobody wants DB.
supertramp supertramp 5 years
I think that CHAIR are soulmates, but I always relate the television world back to Dawson's Creek. Just because someone's your soulmate, doesn't mean you end up with them. Blair needs someone that inspires change as well as acceptance. I mostly think that Chuck gives her acceptance, but with Dan I think she could have both. I've always been on the CHAIR end of the spectrum, but when they end up together it seems like something always goes wrong, and they're kind of boring together (which I'm sad to admit because it means that they do live for the chase). I have however been wanting to see DAIR since season one and it's because they are practically the same person. The are equally intelligent and they come from opposite worlds so to speak. They also, although they haven't realized it inspire change in the other. Dan has become far more risk taking in my opinion and Blair more often then not finds a heart around Dan. And he does give her the best advice, throughout all the seasons that last part is evident.
sandraisabel sandraisabel 5 years
So now Chuck and Blair are only passion and don't share a true connection? Looks like we haven't been watching the same show. Chuck and Blair: passion and true connection.
katiemacs katiemacs 5 years
I actually haven't seen any fire between Blair and Dan, at least not on Blair's side. She clearly still wants a piece of Chuck- as well she should.
MCsquare MCsquare 5 years
Chuck and blair!
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 5 years
My vote goes to Dan! I can't really deal with Chuck this season.
ClueMeIn ClueMeIn 5 years
Dan and Blair have a brother and sister connection. Please. Blair and Chuck said they would ALWAYS love each other. The end.
1256867 1256867 5 years
Chuck is one and only Blair's soulmate! they belong each other!
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