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Should Carrie Bradshaw Be With Mr. Big vs. Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City

Buzz Battle, Sex and the City 2 Edition: Big vs. Aidan

For this edition of Buzz Battle, the fight over who Carrie Bradshaw belongs with isn't a heated debate between editors; it's among BuzzSugar readers. The results on this definitive Aidan vs. Big poll are split at almost exactly 50/50, and the division is clear in the comments. Check out the arguments for Mr. Big and those in favor of Aidan for Carrie's love in Sex and the City 2 and beyond!

  • User Khameel: "I love Aidan! Some people say that he's boring or too vanilla, but he's so sweet and kind and really loved her. He even forgave her after she cheated with Big! I'm not saying Big doesn't love her, but he could never commit to her (but had no problem marrying Natasha). Aidan had one of the sweetest proposals I've ever seen, and he even changed that tacky pear shaped ring into one that was more suitable for her. I could go on for days about why I love Aidan!"
  • User redchick152's counterpoint: "Definitely Big. It's always been Big. Carrie and Aidan just didn't have the crazy, passionate, irrational chemistry that she and Big have together."

To see more arguments on the Big/Aidan issue, just


  • User Lampaaa: "Blah Blah Blah, yeah deffs Carrie will probably always end up with Big, But Aidan was alllllwaaayss better for her! GO AIDAN!"
  • User animatedpunk's counterpoint: "I chose Big . . . because Aidan is TOO GOOD for Carrie!! He deserves better. Carrie and Big deserve each other and work well together."
  • User Sarah1123: "Aidan because he was so dreamy. I hated her with Big . . . all they did for 3 seasons was fight. ANNOYing!"
  • User bohokitty's counterpoint : "Aidan bugs me too . . . I never really thought about why and I think it is 'cause he's just really good and really nice. Big has more of an edge to him (if that makes any sense). Carrie and Big just have better chemistry imo."

Tell me who you think wins this battle!

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