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Should Jack Bauer — and Scrubs — Keep Coming Back?

Jack is (officially) back! Kiefer Sutherland said he's totally on board for an eighth season of 24, which is supposed to start shooting in May. Sutherland likened 24 to a girlfriend that had been really good to him and said he'd continue to play Jack Bauer as long as the writers keep the character alive.

24's seventh season sure took a while to get off the ground, but once it started, it got a pretty positive initial reaction and has held fairly steady in the ratings. But few shows this year see an eighth season. Is there enough going on in 24 to keep it fresh for another season-long "day"?

It's interesting to consider that alongside what's happening with Scrubs. The show's current season is widely presumed to be its last, but there's a new report that ABC's entertainment president would be happy to bring the show back for a ninth season — if Zach Braff agreed to do a handful of episodes. It might seem like a long shot, but Braff did say he'd like to come back to Scrubs even if he wasn't a full-time cast member anymore.

Now, if ABC is serious, they might want to move fast, since Donald Faison and John C. McGinley have landed roles in new pilots and creator Bill Lawrence is keeping himself busy working with Courteney Cox on Cougar Town. But this rumor raises a bigger question for me: Would we even want a ninth season of Scrubs or an eighth of 24? Is there a time that shows should just move over and make room for the next new thing?

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noodlemaine noodlemaine 8 years
I don't know about Scrubs, but I loooove 24 and think it still holds relevance. The way Jack has grown this season kind of makes it feel like the last one, but one or two more seasons and then a movie, and I think the series'll be done.
joannethk joannethk 8 years
I'm big fan of 24, and hope have more season of it!!
Advah Advah 8 years
Scrubs stopped being hiliarious after the first two-three eps of season 5, and just got merely funny at times, and shrieky most of the time. :( It's time to stop.
Midnight-Harlow Midnight-Harlow 8 years
I love Scrubs, and I would say no to it coming back for a 9th season, but I enjoy the new interns and would like to see where their stories go.
Allyace Allyace 8 years
I really love Scrubs, but if JD is only going to be in a handful of episodes AND Turk is leaving (Donald got cast in a fall piolet), then I'm going w/ no.
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
Scrubs needs to end it after this season. It's definitely lost it's spark.
kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 8 years
I wouldn't want Scrubs back if JD wasn't there. It just isn't Scrubs without him.
emalove emalove 8 years
I have always hated Scrubs, so I really couldn't care less...24, I watched the first season, but haven't watched since. I've been thinking about Netflixing it.
sfunkera sfunkera 8 years
Jack Bauer is hawt. I could listen to his voice for a couple more seasons
bingbingboom bingbingboom 8 years
I'm a big fan of 24. Jack Bauer's character has been evolving throughout the years, so I want more!!!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
I love 24 but they should only do an 8th season if Tony's on it. But aren't a few years supposed to take place between each "day" First season Palmer was running for president next season he was running for reelection. With all the time passing shouldn't these characters be a lot older than they are?
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
Scrubs is past its prime, big time. The hubs and I are already annoyed that whole characters go missing for periods of time and there is no continuity anymore whatsoever. They've way outgrown their premise, so it's time to be done.
Deidre Deidre 8 years
I say no to Scrubs without JD. Even if he was to show up occasionally, it wouldn't work. Although, I'd be completely happy if they gave the Janitor his own show :)
bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
I'm on the fence with 24 but keep Scrubs coming, the more seasons the better.
brick164 brick164 8 years
I love 24!
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
I love 24 too much to give it up, so I hope they keep going for a couple more seasons and then finish it off with a movie! Scrubs should end this year, I think.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I don't like either show, so no. Make room for some of the great, underappreciated shows out there!
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I've never seen 24 so I don't care about that, but I think Scrubs should probably call it quits soon. It's not nearly as good as it used to be, so it's kind of disappointing.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I'm over Scrubs. Been over it for a long time now. Never got into 24.
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