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Buzz Blabber: Is Kristen Stewart Fairy-Tale Material?

Kristen Stewart made headlines for something other than Twilight this week when her name was attached to the upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsmen. Though the majority of you are on board with Stewart taking on the iconic beauty, the naysayers had a few alternative actresses in mind. Here's a rundown of this week's most talked about topics.

Are Zooey Deschanel and Alexis Bledel better choices for Snow White?

  • "I can see her as sort of having the right look, but I don't think she could pull off the grace and charm of Snow White. Alex Bledel or Zooey Deschanel would be great!" — campbrad
  • "Zooey, I agree with others, would be perfect. Not sure about Kristen, her acting ability is still up for debate I think." — KrisB
  • "I can see her in the role... but she needs to let go of some of her roughness... Ialways wonder is she opposed to media training because she doesn't really seem to try consistently." — KACIEJPC

Christopher Nolan and Inception were snubbed by the Academy

  • "Bad day for Christopher Nolan." — nickpirce
  • "I am just shocked and appalled that Christopher Nolan was not recognized for his direction. Say what you will about how much you did or didn't like Inception or whether or not it was overrated (which I don't think is possible), it was without a doubt one of the best if not the best directed film(s) of the year." — lizlee89
  • "Poor Leo... He really deserved some recognition for Inception and/or Shutter Island." — DMT23

One more topic to talk about when you


Everyone loves 90210's new kid on the block

  • "Little Susie Sunshine is going to go Black Swan on Annie really soon... I can feel it." — Mandi Villa
  • "Can't wait for the crazy cousin. I was half expecting her to sneak a swig of booze from a flask (much like "cheerful" Valerie lit up a joint at the end of her first episode in the original 90210!)." — DCBaxter
  • "I'm excited for this crazy cousin story, even though I know I'll probably end up reaaaallllly hating her character. Characters like that add interest, but I remember just wanting to punch Gina (Vanessa Marcil) so, so, so, so bad in the original 90210! — postmodernsleaze
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