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Should Mad Men's Don and Peggy Get Together?

Mad Men Poll: Should Don and Peggy Date?

The following post is from braddybradshaw, who posted it in the It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Men World group in the Buzz Community.

Don and Peggy took their relationship to a new level on this week's Mad Men after confiding their personal fears to one another, followed by a supportive handhold. It was a nice "I'm here for you" moment, and you really got the feeling that despite their bickering, they have each other's backs. While the writers are probably just deepening the characters' friendship, it did make me wonder if it could foreshadow something more romantic. They're both single now, and they really let their walls down (I just about died when he started crying in front of her!). It could be the start of an actual meaningful relationship for Don, one where he gets to be more himself. He did tell Peggy that she's "cute as hell," after all.

If that is the direction this is going in, I'm mixed. I want to see these two find love, but I'm also just liking this more honest (platonic) connection that they've created. What do you think?

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