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The Sitter Trailer Starring Jonah Hill

The Sitter Trailer: Don't Trust Jonah Hill With Your Kids

Jonah Hill introduces the the red-band trailer to his upcoming comedy The Sitter by calling it the "filthiest R-rated babysitting movie ever made." The fact that the preview opens with a woman climaxing leads me to believe Hill isn't exaggerating, and that his adventures in babysitting will make those of Elisabeth Shue back in the '80s look tame by comparison. Whether or not a raunchy take on caring for children will work is another question.

Hill's character, a broke college student, initially resists his mother's advice to babysit in order to make some extra cash, arguing that adult men don't babysit. Perhaps that's because as a babysitter, Hill leers at his clients and threatens their children with murder. His main concern is hooking up with Ari Graynor's character (the aforementioned climaxer), and he ends up dragging the kids he cares for around in a cross-town pilgrimage for a booty call. Along the way, there's a lot of cursing, and a run-in with drug-dealing criminals.

The movie seems in line with the recent bout of R-rated comedies that often rely on shock value for laughs, so I'm curious to see how far the three young kids will be pushed for the gags in this movie. The film comes out this December, but you can see how you feel about Hill's babysitting abilities (warning: NSFW!) when you


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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
I'm so sick of these stupid, juvenile R-rated movies...
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
Is Jonah wearing a fat suit or was that actually how he looked before he lost weight because his head is throwing me off. I don't ever think I've seen it that large before. I'll probably watch this movie but I couldn't help but cringe watching him swear in front of the kids. I really hope they didn't go home and try out some of that language because there's nothing I hate more than kids who cuss.
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