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Sizing Up the SAG Awards

There weren't a lot of surprises at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, where actors and actresses vote to recognize each other's best work. But sometimes, no big news is good news, because I think everyone who won really deserved to win. Here's what I thought of the major awards.

  • Apparently, the key to winning a Best Performance by a Cast award is having Steve Carrell on your team. "The Office" snagged the best TV comedy cast award, while Little Miss Sunshine won the Ensemble Acting award for movies. It will be tough for Little Miss Sunshine to rack up many awards at the Oscars, so honoring the brilliant interplay between these actors seems like an ideal way to recognize this movie.
  • How awesome is Chandra Wilson? Her Dr. Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy" is a supporting character, and yet she beat all of the lead actresses in her category to get a much-deserved award. As "The Nazi," she walks the line between tough and caring with her flock of interns, and she proves you can be a demanding surgeon and still sing lullabies to your kids at night. Bonus points for showing the "va-jay-jay" clip when she was introduced at the SAG ceremony — you gotta love a woman who can still be sassy while giving birth.

  • To see the rest,

  • Speaking of "Grey's," Ellen Pompeo served up one of the night's weirdest moments when accepting the cast's award for best ensemble in a drama. She started by saying that she wanted to recognize some of the cast members who weren't there — and then somehow failed to think of any. Uh, Ellen, what about Isaiah Washington? You know, the one in homophobia rehab? Someone finally shouted out his name, but talk about awkward.
  • Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker — who won the Best Acting awards for movies — might as well start clearing space for their Oscar statuettes. I'm especially excited for The Last King of Scotland's Whitaker, who seems like one of the most humble guys in Hollywood. Every time I see him interviewed, I'm struck by his kindness and warmth, which makes the whole playing a paranoid dictator thing even more impressive.

  • Was someone trying to send Hugh Laurie a message? I watched the show on TBS here on the West Coast, and about midway through the "House" star's acceptance speech, the broadcast cut to a commercial. He must have left a vindictive person off his thank-you list.


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lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
Chandra's acceptance speech was the best!!
sexyeyes sexyeyes 10 years
I think Chandra Wilson is an awesome actress. I love her
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Chandra Wilson is awesome! Ellen Pompeo is not. Can't figure out what she was trying to say or do with that speech. Forest Witaker deserves every award possible for his performance in Last King of Scotland. He certainly was able to hide his quiet demeanor in this role. And, kudos to Little Miss Sunshine and The Office; both deserved the honors.
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