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Snow White and the Huntsman Panel at Comic-Con

Kristen Stewart Shows Off Snow White and the Hunstman at Comic-Con — and We Get to See Her in Full Armor!

Kristen Stewart pulled double duty at this year's Comic-Con by showing up to promote both Breaking Dawn and her next project after the Twilight series, Snow White and the Huntsman. She, her castmates Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Sam Claflin, plus director Rupert Sanders, took to the stage to talk about their 2012 re-imagining of the fairy tale. Producer Joe Roth promised the crowd that their take on Snow White will be a "tough, rough, active male/female picture" that's "on the scale of Lord of the Rings." While there was no footage from the film to show off yet, we did get to see images of the cast in costume and hear more about the ambitious project, including why Stewart was picked to play the fairest of them all.

  • The images were dark, gritty, and definitely not traditional. Claflin and Hemsworth looked like rugged soldiers in their costumes, Theron still had her blond hair but looked fierce with a high collar, clutching a scary-looking dagger. There was one picture of the dwarves, who are played by regular-sized actors like Nick Frost and Ray Winstone and made to look dwarf-szied (and there were eight — Sanders slipped that one dies in the film). The final reveal was Kristen Stewart as Snow White, and does she ever look hard-core: she's in full armor with a shield and disheveled hair. This is definitely no bedtime story.
  • Stewart said she liked the idea of playing Snow White because the character "doesn't let her heart cloud her mind and get in the way" of doing what she needs to do, and called her "the people's leader." Plus, it sounds like she's pumped to take on the apparently action-heavy flick — she cited "sword stuff" and "really cool weapons" as other reasons she was excited about the movie.

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  • Theron joked around a lot during the panel, telling the crowd that she thinks Stewart is "going to give me a run for my money," to which she added "I'm ready for it b*tch, let's go," amid cheers. Interestingly, she described the wicked queen in a very dark sense: "She's a serial killer." As for her casting, producer Roth said that Theron was the first and only choice.
  • Roth addressed the reasons for casting Stewart, mentioning that they had originally wanted an unknown. They considered Stewart because she had proven herself as a huge star in another series (Twilight, maybe you've heard of it?). Plus, he said "the idea of being the first ones to get her out of the franchise was something we couldn't resist."
  • As for the other Snow White film starring Lily Collins, Roth said that he thinks the two films are "two very different projects." He brought up the recently released image of Collins as Snow White and said that based on that, their film seems like it's going to be "a softer version." He's not worried that people will see one film and not want to see the other, though, saying that "people are interested in the same kind of movies or not."
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