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Snow White and the Huntsman Review

Snow White and the Huntsman: A Fairy Tale For the Action Fan

A re-imagining of a familiar tale like Snow White has to have a twist to make it compelling, and Snow White and the Huntsman has two: there is a ton of action, and the damsel in distress is actually a fearless leader. The princess in question is played by Kristen Stewart, who's a long way from the Twilight Saga, but alas, she's still in a state of constant mortal danger. Her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron), hates the girl whose pure, beautiful spirit is a threat to her power. After killing the king, Ravenna imprisons the princess and lets the kingdom fall into a state of poverty and decay until the day Snow White escapes. The queen sends a handsome huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) after her, but he quickly switches sides and allies with Snow White to help her dethrone the queen.

The movie kicks into high gear once Snow White turns her jailbreak into an attack on the queen, though there are a few times when things slow down for a few unnecessary story elements. The film feels overstuffed at times, but there's enough action and romantic drama to make it a fun fantasy worth seeing. To find out what else I thought of Snow White and the Huntsman, just keep reading.

One of the movie's greatest successes is its visual style, which ranges from sumptuous to disturbing. The sequins on Queen Ravenna's gowns sparkle like diamonds, and the imagery really adds to her character. Her makeup shimmers and enhances her gorgeous face when she's looking youthful and powerful, but in other scenes, her deep wrinkles and under-eye bags are emphasized to illustrate her weakness. It's just an extra layer to the evil queen, who's already incredible thanks to Theron's acting. Conversely, the visuals are also a fault; there are times I'd wish the director had reined back on all the special effects and eliminated some of the forest creatures, especially when the movie is running long.


As for Stewart's Snow White, both her English accent and performance are impressive, particularly in the action sequences. Many young ingenues would be believable as a pretty young thing that entire kingdoms fawn over, but it's the essence of Stewart that makes Snow White a badass. However, what makes her character truly interesting is her relationship with the huntsman, who's a fully fleshed-out character here. On paper, he wouldn't seem like such a charmer — he's got a painful past and a pathetic present when we first meet him — but Hemsworth's portrayal is charming and magnetic. He makes the huntsman not just the best character of the movie, but the best part of the movie.

I would have liked to see more romance to balance out the many battle scenes, but alas, things aren't wrapped up as sweetly as in a Disney film. Still, Snow White and the Huntsman may be unconventional, but sometimes a good story is all the happily ever after you need.

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Eric3287112 Eric3287112 5 years
Thanks for the review. I put Snow White and the Huntsmen in my Blockbuster at Home queue as soon as I got home. Since it didn’t cost any extra I even rented the blu-ray version. If the video quality adds as much depth to the film as you say then I don’t want to miss anything. I was talking to a few of my coworkers at DISH and they said they story was pretty different from the one I was told as a child and I think I am starting to understand what he meant.
leanyn leanyn 5 years
We watched SWATH yesterday at the military base theater and was jam packed, so we all had to sit close up front ;(!! And still long line outside for the next show when we got out the theather 2 hours later! Overall what a joyable epic movie we had see for such a long time!  I this mordern SW story line w/twisted tale!  The special effects were breathtaking beautiful!! Kristen was stunning inner beauty as snow white! She no need said much - her closed up astonishingly eyes tell it all!! All main casts did a brilliantly jobs!  I look forward for the sequel to come!!  Bravo...SWATH!!  
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
I loved swath!!!! it's awesome!!! Kristen was the best pick for the movie!!!!! She's such a great actress!!! she can play anything!!!!!! Love her love the movie!!!!!!! can't wait to her in more movie's hopefully her and Robert will star in another movie!!!!!!  
1245013 1245013 5 years
I thought the movie was fantastic and can highly recommend it!
1278368 1278368 5 years
The movie looks really good, I love Kristen Stewart, I'm anxious to watch!
1278368 1278368 5 years
The movie looks really good, I love Kristen Stewart and go prestige it!
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