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smart-blonde smart-blonde 9 years
I am not on the Sabra love train. Sorry. I think Lacey is much more versatile. Last night, Cat Deeley asked some of the judges (or the contestants?) if a woman could win this year. I had to say, "No, a woman will never, ever win SYTYCD as long as the winner is chosen solely by popular vote. The target demographic of this show votes for cute boys who take their shirts off. Cute girls are just a threat." I hope I'm not right, but given what I've seen elsewhere...yeah.
sillymango sillymango 9 years
bah! stupid major league baseball has made me unable to watch the eliminations!!!
TygrTygr TygrTygr 9 years
Ps Go Sabra! Go Sabra! and anybody know what MM's drama was?
TygrTygr TygrTygr 9 years
Daaaang girl! You totally called it! Eeek, who the heck you gonna send home? tough one.
Pinot Pinot 9 years
One word: PASHA!! All you Pasha lovers need to read this TV Guide interview with Mary Murphy, given the night Anya left. Lots of very interesting info about Pasha and the life-threatening blood clot he suffered last November that left him so weak he couldn't even dance for two months. I don't think Pasha will win but he's proven to be versatile, humble, and always Mr. Personality (and he gets very little credit for making all his partners look so good!). BuzzSugar ~ since SYTYCD won't tell the story of Pasha's illness, I wish you would!
Viperwoman Viperwoman 9 years
Amazing how different everyone's opinions are on these dancers and the choreography. Sabra annoys me, her timing is always just a bit too late and yet she's always being giving such rave reviews. Last night Danny and Sara's first routine was the best of the night and i thought 'finally, he's found a perfect match in dance partner'...and then there was their hip hop routine - easily the worst of the night along with the truly embarassing outfits! Mia's routine last night....huh?! didn't do it for me. However, the best routine ever was easily last season's Mia routine of the park bench...just beautiful and a spectactular story. Last note...can someone pleez smack Mary Murphy?!!
Fab_Kitty Fab_Kitty 9 years
I finally caught an episode last night (after seeing a show during the first season and thinking even the best dancers were "meh", I'd been avoiding watching it.) and I was blown away by the talent and presence of the dancers! My initial impressions are: Danny is clearly the most technically skilled dancer - there's a reason he was a dancer w/ ABT. My "favorite" dancer was Sabra, however. She has lovely extensions, clean lines, and becomes beautifully transformed while dancing. It was amazing to see the difference even between dancing-Sabra and listening-to-the-judges-Sabra. And I thought the 2nd-best stage presence came from Pasha. He's so winning! As for Mia Michaels' contemporary dance, I usually love her choreography so I was unhappily surprised at how unoriginal this piece was. Falling fake flowers, really? Plus the fact that Lacey never pointed her feet in the jumps drove me nuts. OK. Opinionated rant over! :-)
divinedebris divinedebris 9 years
I missed last night's episode, maybe I'll watch tonights. It kills me to admit it, but Sabra is surprisingly really good.
krock19 krock19 9 years
I think Danny has proven his lack of versatility and Lauren, please, let this be the end. But I felt this episode was completely yawn worthy.
sunnylagirl sunnylagirl 9 years
I think all the commenters are right on. I would love to see Sabra take the whole thing - she is amazing. I think that Sara has been extremely versatile also though. I love Pasha! Even though he doesn't have the chops to go all the way I think he's safe for the elimination.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
I can't believe that people wouldn't have understood the story of Mia's piece without her saying it. Lacey was clearly costumed as a young girl, and for once in his smarmy little life, Neil opened the number with genuine emotion. I would love nothing more than to see Neil go home (funny that he chose "humility" as his word for the Wade Robson solo last week, because he totally doesn't have any), but I think both he and Lacey managed to deliver something very genuine out of all their showiness and falseness. And that's worth them both staying another week. Also, this season has featured a total of two quicksteps that haven't sucked. Both of them have been performed to songs by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Therefore, I think it is impossible to perform a bad quickstep to BBVD.
bgemini2 bgemini2 9 years
Sabra can do no wrong!
JDalyDouble JDalyDouble 9 years
I've always loved Pasha (because I think he's cute!) but I've never been TOO impressed with his dancing until last night--I am sure that he is safe but I don't think he'll be winning the competition. Danny is a great dancer but is lacking some connection with the audience in the way the show portrays him. Neil is getting more and more personality as the weeks go on and Dominic is a little weird! I think he's heading home tonight and Lauren will probably be joining him. I like Sara but I'm not sure she can win, and Lacey annoys the crap out of me! I'm predicting Sabra will be the winner and I would be so excited if that happens! She really is amazing.
tracyu tracyu 9 years
I love Mia's stuff, but I didn't think last night's number was all that. I love, love, love Lauren but I think she'll go home tonight. I think Sabra will make it to the final two. Pasha is the only guy I care about but I think he'll be gone next week.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Like others, I really didn't think that the Mia Michael number was well performed, but the judges seemed duty bound to praise it and the dancers. Pasha and Sabre really were the performers of the night. I expect to see Dominec in the bottom tonight and maybe Neil as well, though I suspect the Mia Michaels number will save him. For the girls, I agree with you Buzz--Lauren and Sara will be the bottom two; I wouldn't be sad if Lauren left tonight.
ailene ailene 9 years
I think Dominic will go home tonight... ;( WAAAAIIILLL!!! I'll miss seeing him on the show! For the girls, I think Lauren will go home. I'll be a little sad to see her go... but not as sad as I will be if Dominic leaves... ;(
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
I agree with nyar and with you buzz. When Neil said that the Mia Micheal number was the best thing he has seen in television, I was like "WHAT!?!" I really think that Wade's hummingbird/flower number with Hok and Jaime was the BEST I have seen on television. It was extraordinary, compelling and well executed. If it wasn't for the story behind Mia's number and Mary crying, the dance was just average really. And I'm really starting to think that Lacey is just there because of her brother, which sucks because there are far more engaging and interesting female dancers like Sarah and Sabra. In the end, I think Sabra should win it all. Absolutely versatile in dance and emotions.
misslaurel79 misslaurel79 9 years
I couldn't agree more. I think Pasha and Sabra did the best. Danny has always gotten on my nerves, so has Lauren. I would be happy if they both go home tonight. But I have a feeling it will be Dominic. I really like Sara alot. She is the most versatile of all the girls. If we didn't hear the story behind Lacey and Neil's dance, I wouldn't have liked it as much. But due to the emotion behind the choreography, I did like it. Thouhg Lacey still gets on my nerves.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
The contemporary routine will save them only cos of the story before. If we hadn't heard that would have been a blah dance which in a way it still was. I never felt anything when i saw Pasha dancing he was just another guy but yesterday I found myself hoping he would be in the top 4 with Danny(who i also never liked till yesterday) and Sabra and Sara. Sabra and Pasha were amazing and Sabra is the dancer who has grown the most she has mastered every dance given to her even though shes been dancing for four years and only as a contemporary dancer. she's just amazing.
Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer
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