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So You Think You Can Dance Recap

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: Only 8 Left!

While it's sad to see anyone in the top ten go, the bottom two girls and guys this week were not really a huge surprise. This week's result show of So You Think You Can Dance didn't have much tension — until a bit of an upset at the very end. Still, the three routines were terrific to watch (with a surprise choreographer thrown in there), and no matter what happens from here on out, all the dancers should be proud that they made it this far. It's clear from this episode that the judges have nothing but love for their top ten. So who went home and who was saved? Just


No surprise on the girls' side that the bottom two were Comfort (again) and Kherington, but the real shocker was who went home. In footage of the night before, Kherington voiced how discouraged she was after her first dance and she told the cameras backstage that the judges hated her. Last night Lil C let her know that they know she's great, but at this point in the competition she has got to up her game. Mary told her she's one of the most improved overall and was surprised to see her in the bottom two. Comfort came across as a fighter and her hip-hop routine was memorable, but it was heartbreaking to see Kherington go.

On the guys side, well, the little guy lost out. Gev's final solo dance was so cool and reminded me of what a great competitor he was and what a great attitude he has. Mark was also in the bottom two and probably got enough scare in him to turn it up a notch next week. Here are the rest of my thoughts on the evening:

  • Wow, when they announced the bottom two, Will was safe but did a whole super surprised face expression and bent down on his knees. Really, Will? After Nigel said you performed the best in SYTYCD history you still thought there was a chance you'd go home?
  • I loved the boys' routine and think that is reason enough to get tickets for when they go on tour this Fall! And it was choreographed by a "mystery" person who was revealed immediately to be Nigel himself. I wish we could have seen footage of Nigel teaching the guys their routine; I bet that would have been cute.
  • Speaking of that dance: only Twitch could pull off those white non-sun glasses.
  • Aw, Mia cried after the girls performed her routine. Dancing is so emotional!
  • Fun top-of-the-night factoid: three of the regular choreographers received Emmy nominations as well as the makeup team. Cat asked the crowd to show them some love.

So, are you disappointed in America or did Comfort deserve the spot she fought back for? Are you going to miss Gev? What did you think of the performances?

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nina_e nina_e 9 years
yep, I'm sick that Comfort is still there. She gets under my skin. Mark I feel is going home this week...he can't keep up with the other 3. The only girls i really like are Katee and the blonde chick VIVA LA DANCE! Love this show
MissMarisol MissMarisol 9 years
I was ticked off that Comfort stayed and Kherington left. I hope that she goes home next week. I don't even think she is that good in her own style. I am rooting for Chelsie, Twitch and Joshua but have a feeling that Katee and Will will be the final two. Why does Nigel have to remind us that they almost didn't take Katee? It would have been her fault for not fighting for in until the end.
tepiza tepiza 9 years
I'm so glad that Mandy Moore got nominated, I loved her choreography last season. However, no one can top Wade's Mockingbird routine so I hope he wins. And I really miss Gev, he was improving so much!
elanakat elanakat 9 years
i really didn't want anyone to go home last night! even though kherrington is better technically trained dancer, neither of her routines were memorable in a good way. while comfort isn't as good as kherrington (besides hip-hop) her last routine was amazing and very memorable which had more of america vote for her. as great as they all are, it sucks that eventually there are only 4 in the top and only one wins. my predictions: next week: comfort and courtney in the bottom, comfort goes home; mark and joshua in the bottom, mark goes home. week after: courtney and chelsie in the bottom, courtney goes home; twitch and joshua in the bottom, joshua goes home. 4th: chelsie 3rd: twitch 2nd: katee 1st: will i think its pretty obvious that will is going to win it. but he definitely deserves it!
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
I think Kherrington really showed how weak her arms were this week. Look closely at how she doesn't dance through her arms when you watch her performances with Mark. Still, I'm ready for Comfort to go away again next week. I LOVED that Mia Michael's piece and I definitely shed some tears over it. So moving and beautiful.
Allyace Allyace 9 years
I'm not surprised that Kherrington went home, but I did expect Comfort to go first. :(
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 9 years
I was so mad that Comfort got to stay for another week. It took so long to get rid of her in the first place. I wasn't even much of a Kherington fan, but I'd rather her stay over Comfort any day. Ugh. I was so angry. And Gev leaving was just heartbreaking. I loved him. But I love Mark too. So it was kind of like a lose/lose situation. So sad. I'm definitely going to miss Gev. He was one of my favorites. I'm probably all alone on this, but I don't really care for Katee, Joshua or Will. However, I think I may be saying this out of frustration, because its obvious they're the chosen ones. They just can do no wrong. The judges constantly sing their prasies, even when they aren't all that great and a lot of the times I feel like the others don't really get the recognition they deserve. I'm so fed up with the blatantly obvious favoritism from the judges this season. I know they've had their favorites in the past, but this year its so painfully obvious. I prefer Mark, Courntey, Chelsie and Twitch, but none of them really stand a chance against the chosen ones. And Wade and Shane were both nominated for Emmys? Okay, so can they please get them back? I really miss them and their choreography. It feels like the show is missing something without them. In a season full of less than impressive, sometimes even mediocre choreography, I really, really miss Wade and Shane. They're two of my favorite choreographers and it really sucks without them. They need to get them back. Anyway, I think I'm just going to give up on this season. I just don't think its been very good and its clear the winner is going to be one of three people. There's just no point in me watching anymore.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 9 years
I'm still in shock that Comfort stayed over Kherington. I've never ever ever cared for Comfort, she is not nearly as talented as the rest of the 4 girls. I think Kherington & Mark got a crappy pull of the hat with their dances, because I love them both and they both just didn't bring it. I really hope Mark isn't going home next week, and that he steps it up next week. Katee has been really lucky with the drawings of her dances, she hasn't really gotten anything people haven't liked. Comfort better be going home next week. ugh!
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
I was unhappy nut not shocked that Kherington went home. And honestly even though I don't feel Comfort deserves to be there I wasn't all that unhappy. Eventually Comfort will be weeded out because she isn't the best dancer and her personality lacks something that makes people vote for her. I was truly sad to see Gev go and I think between him and Mark it was really a toss up. Like I said after Wednesdays show I wish they could have gotten rid of both girls and left both guys. I agree about Will's reaction it was way over the top,because as much as the judges have praised him there was no way eh was getting voted off. The truth is people will believe the hype. I want the top two girls to be Katee and Courtney because Chelsie bugs me and I don't think she is as awesome as they make her out to be. And because this is about America's favorite dancer not the best dancer I want the top two guys to be Joshua and Twitch. I love them both and I think it's about time that other dance forms are given as much credibility as the traditional tap jazz and ballet
jimpolandy jimpolandy 9 years
BOO America! Kherington got the shaft last night. You could tell that Comfort thought she was going home when the results were announced. It should have been Comfort! The two step did her in and no one else has even tried that dance. They were the first couple. Since Kherington went Mark should have been sent home too. Gev deserved to stay another week.
longhornlass04 longhornlass04 9 years
Did you notice how Cat basically said who was going home before the end of the show? She asked Nigel something about if he thought Kherington was going places after this. and nigel caught her and said "who said she was going home tonight?" Oh tricky! I was still surprised she went home. I do believe Comfort totally brought her A game wed. night, but over all Kherington has had a stronger season. Oh well, america usually gets it right in the end...crosses fingers
bleached bleached 9 years
faery, the judges had nothing to do with Kherington going and Comfort staying. It's all about the votes now. I am, however, shocked that Comfort is safe for another week... and from the look of it, so was she. Her face was like Domenic's last season when Cameron got the boot before he did. I am glad that Mark got to stay on another week though. He'll probably be out of it next week though. He just doesn't hold a candle to the other 3 guys... And Nak, SYTYCD did that last year too. They had 4 back-ups: Hok, Anya, Jesus and I forget the last girl...
Nak-Nak Nak-Nak 9 years
I read somewhere that the tour would be the top 10 plus a few other selected dancers. Comfort is one of the "selected dancers". So they will both be on the tour. My guess if that they want to have a variety of styles represented on the tour so they've added that this year to capture non top 10 dancers (like Comfort).
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
I think its really odd that the one time Kherington has a bad night they give her the boot. Comfort was only back because Jessica was injured...she was in the bottom again...and is still there. I don't agree at all with what the judges did.
wiggle wiggle 9 years
I am bummed to see Gev go. He seemed up for anything.
estella241 estella241 9 years
I love all the guys, and I wish that none of them would have to go. I'm super sad to see Gev go; he was a sweetie and I loved watching him dance. He's a natural. Based on who is a better dancer, I thought Kherington should have stayed. But as Nigel always reminds us, it's not who is the best, but who is America's favorite dancer that matters. And Kherington had her detractors. Question: How are they going to do the top 10 tour now? When Jessica said goodbye she seemed to think she was coming back for the tour. Now that Comfort has made it into the Top 8, won't she be coming on tour as well? That'd make an uneven number of boys and girls (unless they bring Thayne along).
sugaraddict-sure sugaraddict-sure 9 years
I have never been a fan of Kherington ever, so I agree with everyone who has said, besides Comfort, they don't want to see anyone go! I love Katee, Courtney, and Chelsie! They're so cute! And it was definitely disappointing to see Gev go, but I do love Mark too.
Tassie Tassie 9 years
Was anyone else freaked out by how the girls looked? I didn't even recognise Kherington! Maybe its just me... Loved the piece though, and Nigels choreography was just so much fun!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
From here on out, it will be sad to see anyone go--except for Comfort. She really is not the strongest dancer, no matter how much she has improved or how hard she fights. My best guess is that she and Mark will be the next to exit. After that, oh my; I want them all to stay, but Will and Katee seem destined to be on top and deservedly so. Loved Nigel's number. It would have been fun to see him working with the guys. Mia's number was, well...interesting and well performed.
evlove evlove 9 years
comfort didn't fight for it. she lucked out that jessica got an injury. i was so sure she was going home too...
trouble450 trouble450 9 years
I'm with Tassie! "Aside from Comfort, I'll be sad to see anyone go! I still love ALL the guys, and Courtney has been really growing on me, so the next few weeks will be tough. And great!"
MlleMLT MlleMLT 9 years
Am I the only one who was so glad to see Lil C call Kherington out for her brattiness??? I doubt the other judges would have said anything. But seriously...the judges hate you because they had an ounce of cinstructive criticism one week? They should have said wayyyy more in previous episodes but mysteriously held back, perhaps because Nigel was so (embarrasingly) entraced by your face. Jessica - injured and all - endured way more and took it all. If you are a performer and even just in life you have to deal with it and learrn! Ugh...she was so annoying and I am glad to see her go. Sad to see Gev go though I thought he was better than Mark and improving by leaps and bounds. But I guess people don't want 3 hip hop dancers in the top 4? I do like Mark so it's all good.
Tassie Tassie 9 years
I don't think its a set-up that Katee seems to get the good dances - I assumed that every choice is pulled out of a hat, so maybe she's just lucky?! She does seem to do more with her dances than others do, although Chelsie does well too. I was expecting comfort to go home, but I really think that Kherington has started to flop these last couple of weeks. Aside from Comfort, I'll be sad to see anyone go! I still love ALL the guys, and Courtney has been really growing on me, so the next few weeks will be tough. And great!
chigirl chigirl 9 years
I thought last night was a travesty! Comfort should have gone home over Kherington for sure! Gev was adorable, sad to see him go.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
I think there was plenty of reason for Will to be surprised that he wasn't in the bottom two. He is probably the best dancer but isn't this also a popularity contest? I am glad Will and Katee are together because I think it showcases how phenomenal both of them are. But Twitch is pretty popular, I think, as well as Joshua. I'm glad Kherrington is out because I think she was a popular girl who wasn't the best dancer. Likewise I also think Courtney is still in because she is pretty.
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