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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 18

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Top 18

This week on So You Think You Can Dance Lil' C joined the judges panel which means that in addition to Mary's shrieking we were treated to some indecipherable — albeit entertaining — comments. Seriously, Lil' C has the largest vocabulary of any judge on any reality show I've ever seen. I'm just not totally positive he's stringing those words together correctly.

But no matter, it's lots of fun and it added a little something extra to another great night of dancing. I love this stage of the competition because nothing is set in stone. Dancers who were weak last week stepped it up and surprised the judges with their skills while stronger couples who previously had loads of chemistry faltered this week. It's exciting stuff! Let's talk about it, just


Randi and Evan — First up was Randi and Evan, neither of which had done the jive before. They said they wanted to make it look like it's easy and loads of fun. I think they succeeded and looked sharp. I even liked the little "tush grab," as Cat deemed it. Mary thought it was fun and told the dancers they're little powerhouses. Her only note was to Evan whose footwork was a little sloppy. Nigel thought Evan would be better than he was but overall thinks they are really tremendous as a couple.

Melissa and Ade — Oh, I really liked this routine! The choreography was so unique and interesting to watch — especially the creepy crawly part when Melissa is on Ade's back. Lil' C declared Ade the guy to beat, Mary screamed, and Nigel was impressed with all the lifts, noting that Melissa equaled Ade's strength out there on the dance floor.

Caitlin and Jason — I didn't think there was anything wrong with their hip-hop routine but it wasn't that memorable. There were some really sexy moments but overall it just didn't stand out in my mind. Lil' C thought it was a "nightmare" while Mary said it looked like Michael Jackson dancing with Britney Spears and was confused because they had so much chemistry last week. Nigel, on the other hand, thought they did fine with the routine.

Janette and Brandon — Oh my gosh, I never thought I would like disco this much but Janette and Brandon were so freaking cute! It was an extremely fast routine and I'm so impressed with how well this couple pulled it off. Janette tripped a little bit but the judges said she handled the slip-up like a pro. Mary asked Nigel if he put their dance on fast forward (??), Lil' C noted, "right now I just saw the birth of progression" (??), and Nigel said it was probably the best disco routine they've ever had on the show.

Asuka and Vitolio — OK, first of all, is there anything more boring than the waltz? Normally I'd say no but this routine was so emotional and beautiful I think I may be changing my tune about the dance. Mary cried, Nigel blew his nose, and overall the judges felt like they were seeing an entirely different couple from the week before.

Ashley and Kupono — Given how crazy conceptual their routine was last week, Ashley and Kupono got a little bit of a break with a Shane Sparks hip-hop dance. I kind of liked the idea of Ashley dancing as Kupono's shadow. I thought it was fine but the judges deemed it underwhelming.

Kayla and Max — Aw, Kayla and Max are kind of cute, and their outfits this week were pretty wild. Mary said she was able to see past the outfits and said they were another big surprise of the night. Nigel said Kayla is definitely the female front runner.

Karla and Jonathan — The new choreographer for the show, Stacey Tookey, gave these two a gorgeous contemporary routine to one of my favorite songs "Falling Slowly." They're a really good-looking couple together and it was an extremely romantic dance. Mary said Jonathan did that style better than his own and Nigel called it absolutely incredible.

Jeanine and Phillip — Oh, boy. This tango was a bit of a train wreck for Phillip. Mary gave them an A+ for attitude but a C- for technique. Ouch! There was some discussion over whether or not his knees should have been bent but everyone agreed that it's a hard dance to learn and Phillip didn't quite master it.

Favorites of the night: Melissa and Ade, Janette and Brandon, Asuka and Vitolio, and Karla and Jonathan.

In trouble: Both couples that drew hip-hop this week (Ashley and Kupono, Caitlin and Jason) are probably in trouble. I'm also scared for Phillip.






Photos courtesy of Fox

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