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junemon junemon 9 years
i have to agree, the whole twitchington thing makes me smile, and i don't like kherington at all either. it's all twitch! i think kherington's really hit-or-miss.. you either really like her, or you don't like her at all. as a couple, twitchington is really likeable, though..
LOVErickii LOVErickii 9 years
my #1 routine was chelsie and marks' followed closely by katee and joshs' and chelsea and thayne =D
audreystar audreystar 9 years
katee and josh's routine was spot on and moving. mia michael's choreography dance was beautiful but i wish they hadn't put the girl in that dress. i felt it kind of took away from seeing some of the moves. i love twitch, i hate they put him with kherington. she irritates me.
MissMarisol MissMarisol 9 years
I was pleasantly surprised by Katee and Joshua. They made me like the song even more and their dancing was great. I liked Twitch but not a fan of Kherington.
em113 em113 9 years
Loved Katee and Josh. I planned on voting for her before I even saw how good her routine was because I felt she got such an unfair disadvantage with the editing of the Vegas episode. I want Suzy gone. I can't believe she made top 20. We haven't seen anything incredible from her. She just looks like a skanked out girl who can shake her hips. I feel like the judges will save her though, they obviously like something about her :( I bet a contemporary male will go home. I think the first hip hop dancers will be in the bottom even though they don't deserve to be.
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 9 years
Chelsie and Mark were my favorites last night. I also liked Twitchington, and I don't even like Kherington. I think the bottom 3 couples will be the first 3 couples who performed. I don't like Susie at all, but it was nice to see her wearing a little less make-up. Her make-up was so tranny-ish before. She looks so much better with less. Thayne kind of reminds me of a cross between Benji from season 2 and Sean Hayes from Will and Grace. Its weird. I'm so excited for Wade's routine tonight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him.
Francesca-Fiore Francesca-Fiore 9 years
I'm with you bransugar! I do not get Mia Michaels, her choreography is just bizarre to me! That said, I loved the show, and I am looking forward to next week. I really didn't think Katee could win me over, but she totally did, and I adore her partner too. I'm bummed that Comfort wasn't better though- I was expecting a lot from her and she did look stiff. Don't care for Gev and Courtney (or Kourtney or Courtnie or whatevery), she just annoys me and their routine didn't thrill.
Elsa2 Elsa2 9 years
I loved loved looooved Joshua (an early favorite of mine) and Katee's routine ! The choreography was impressive and they danced it incredibly. And I agree with tepiza : I think Katee was treated unfairly in the whole "i wouldn't audition again" debate. And I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one finding Kherington annoying and average at best ! Again, I agree with tepiza : she reminds me of Lauren, my least favorite last season (by far). Unfortunately, she's going to stick around because she was paired with Twitch... bummer. I think bottom 3 couples are going to be : Rayven/Jamie ; Susie/Marquis ; Kourtni/Mark.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 9 years
I just love the show! I do not like Katee at all, maybe it was her attitude in Vegas. I like Courtney and hope she can stick around even though the disco wasn't the best! I don't like the Susie either!
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
fireyelectra, Napolean and Tabitha's choreography is hip hop, but a softer side of it where you dance it with slower hip hop music like R&B. you rarely see this b/c the more common hip hop dances are the ones you hit hard as seen in Shane Sparks routines. you also have to know that hip hop borrows from a lot of things and while people might think that's it more "pop" than hip hop, it could just be that "pop" is an influence in N and T's hip hop choreographies. i think N and T are a great addition to the group of talented choreographers they have b/c you rarely see people dance to slower hip hop music. it gives a new light to hip hop and as a hip hop fan i appreciate it.
shy_baby shy_baby 9 years
All i can say is, the show was awesome! Everyone was good with Katee and Joshua been the real standouts. Twitch and William are so handsome and Chelsea T.'s bod is amazing. Its hard to say who is going home tonight, even the disco number was not so bad that it would be easy to say they are out... SYTYCD rocks! BTW, Where is Sabra?
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
Loved Katee and Joshua they were hands down the best of the night. And not to be horrible at all but I have to ask does anyone else think Rayven looks like she used to be a man? I didn't get the pantsing thing either because it was so unnecessary. Overall I liked the show but I wanted the dances to be better. And when will somebody call shenanigans on Mia Michaels? Am I the only one who thinks she is totally Emperor's New Clothes?
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
I don't particularly "get" Napolean and Tabitha's choreography, either. Their first hip hop number wasn't very good, and while I really enjoyed the story of the second and how evocative it was, it left my husband and I wondering, "Well, that wasn't really hip hop, was it? I mean, it was more pop, right?" I know Shane Sparks will be coming back this season, but perhaps he didn't have quite as much time to do the whole season as he's busy being on America's Best Dance Crew . . . which Napolean and Tabitha evidently were in charge of casting . . .
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
LOVED Twitchington!!!!! My fave of the night. I also really enjoyed Katee and Joshua too. The last couple...Jessica was it?? They struggled IMO. And as always...Mia Michaels did a wonderful job choreographing that wedding number!!
buckley9383 buckley9383 9 years
I'm just so excited that this show is doing so well. My whole office is into it!
saucymegstar saucymegstar 9 years
I really enjoy this show! It would be easier for me to tell you who I didn't care for than who I did because there were way too many good ones and even a great one. I am disturbed by Susie (a highschool teacher??) and I don't care for her partner Marquis either. I'm not a fan of Debbie Allen's student...Will? or his partner. I was getting emotional during Joshua and Katee's routine. I am excited about them and the new choreographers- Tabitha and I don't remember his name. Either way this is going to be a fun season. I am also a big fan of Twitch, and Rayven seems pretty neat as well.
tepiza tepiza 9 years
I'm wondering if the judges are a lot more lenient the first few rounds because some of the dances last night were really not all that good (i.e. Comfort) but they praised it like crazy. Granted that I know next to nothing about dance, but she looked so stiff. And I don't understand the hype over Kherington. She kind of reminds me of Lauren, overly perky and smiley. I happen to love Katee, it was absolutely ridiculous how Nigel was ready to kick her to the curb just because she said she wouldn't audition again. Totally uncalled for and just downright mean. Shouldn't she be judged based solely on her dancing abilities?
krock19 krock19 9 years
I can't wait for the Wade routine too! Katee & Joshua were pretty darn awesome.... I really liked the choreography there. Also, Mia's piece was beautiful per usual. I think bottom 3 will be Will & Jessica, Susie & Marquis, Rayven & Jamie. I hope that Jamie and Susie end up sticking around though b/c they are the few non-contemporary dancers.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Oops...thanks for correcting me: Katie and JOSHUA! They were great!
xrawk_starrx xrawk_starrx 9 years
I don't like Tabitha and Napoleon's choreography at all. I liked Mia's dance and I liked Twitchington. I'm excited tonight though because Wade's choreographing the group number!!
trouble450 trouble450 9 years
I am in awe of Mia Michaels. I still watch the "bench dance" with Heidi and Travis. Last night's "Tim Burton's Wedding" was genius. Loved it.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
I absolutely loved the Mia Michael's piece, and thought that Chelsie was amazing in it. Mark was awesome and kooky and wonderful in it, as well, but I keep thinking back to the way Chelsie's feet were pointed when Mark folded her in half in his arms. Beautiful. I just wish Mia Michael's hadn't called it "Tim Burton's Wedding" because that ruined a little bit of how beautiful, quirky and idiosyncratic her choreography was for a piece that's really about why love is all of those things. I now think she has a complete misunderstanding of Tim Burton.
sumbum sumbum 9 years
Why do the producers make them do disco?? It's the kiss of death (one exception, Sara & Neil's last year, which was great). Loved: Katee & Joshua and Twitchington (I love Kherington)
limelindsey limelindsey 9 years
I loved Katee and Joshua! I was almost in tears by the end of their performance - so moving! I have to admit, I was worried about Napoleon and Tabitha's choreography because I was not a fan of Ravyn and Jamie's number. I liked their personalities, but not the moves. I also am NOT a fan of Kherington - I was so disappointed that they paired her with Twitch, because I think they'll end up with a Lacey/Kameron situation where one carries the other to the top 10. I hope Courtney and Gev get another shot...disco is the kiss of death in the first round - remember last year with Sabra and Domenic?
hazelprincesse hazelprincesse 9 years
It's not Joseph it's Joshua.....they surprised me I wasn't expecting to really like Katee but I did. I think Susie and Marquis were completely forgettable, Rayven and Jamie were.....okay I actually did not like it. Courtni and Matt's routine was interesting but kind of forgettable in a way I dunno I can't quite put my finger on it, and in parts of Jessica and Will's tango it almost seemed like Jessica was counting the steps maybe that was just me. Comfort's jive did not blow me away like Anya and Danny's jive of last year, it felt stiff rather than relaxed and fun. Sucks about her shoulder too and there isn't anything else that can be said about Twitchington, Chelsea T. and Courtney and Gev. Favorite couple by far is Chelsie and Mark, love love love them love the routine totally awesome! So glad this show is back. And is it just me again or do several of the men seem to be little Benji clones? Not that I mind.......
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