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Amethyst Amethyst 8 years
I'm still ticked off Will got eliminated but what can you do? :( Anyway, I hope either Katee or Joshua win this competition. They are both great. I thought Courtney should have gone home last night and definitely NOT Chelsea - that surprised me. It's like American Idol - people don't vote for the most competent or talented - they vote for personality. Which is why I prefer when the judges are in control of the votes.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i can't believe how amazing of a dancer chelsie is and well..the outcome of the show - is certainly going to be a sad one - cause there is so much talent. i think that it's interesting that they have all these contemporary or hip hop danceers that are in the last few remaining, yet those aren't the styles that are choreographed as often. regardless of the outcome, they will all be successful i'm sure.
MissMarisol MissMarisol 8 years
I have to say that Mark was amazing. He has grown so much as a dancer and I think that is the point of the show. He is amazing. I am not sure who will be the final 4 but it will be a battle. They are all really awesome dancers and I wish them luck.
elanakat elanakat 8 years
its so hard! each of them are amazing! im still really mad about will though... i agree that the top will be katee, twitch, chelsie, and joshua. but i could easily see courtney instead of chelsie. as much as i love love love mark, the other guys are definitely better
ilikeatea ilikeatea 8 years
I didn't really like Katee's solo. She was really good in choreography..but just horrible in her solo compared to Courtney..
mesawillow mesawillow 8 years
For the first time, a man's dancing has brought me to tears...Joshua's Paso Doble floored me (being shirt-free didn't hurt the case). Props to Katee for making me want to be her in that moment. I'm growing less fond on Chelsie as the weeks go by, simply because dances outside of her style are good, but not GREAT for me. Maybe her hip/leg action just overwhelms me so much I can't see how great she is. All things being equal, I'm shooting for Katee, Joshua, Chelsie, and Mark. While I adore both Courtney and Twitch, I'm never terribly impressed with their solos, and I find my mind wandering off. Perhaps cause I'm old!
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
I just loved the show last night everything was so well performed. I think Twitch and Chelsie got duped on choreography and got the least exciting routines of the evening. That said I hope the final four will be Twicth and Joshua Katee and Courtney. I love Mark but he has run out of time. If it could be 3 guys and a girl then I'd go with Twitch Joshua Mark and Courtney because Katee is a great dancer but Courtney has the best sense of interpretation of the music and Chelsie just annoys me.
jimpolandy jimpolandy 8 years
I voted for Chelsie, Katee, and Joshua. They are my favorites. I do think that Mark and Courtney are good and wouldn't be upset if they made it in. I'm just not a fan of Twitch. I only like him when he was with Kherington.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Mark surprised me last night; he and Courtney really lucked out with Sonya's choreography and they pulled it off so well. Overall, Twitch and Chelsie didn't have the best choreographers to work with, but they held their own with the material they were given. Katee and Joshua once again were wonderful together. The solos really weren't deal breakers for me; no one really stood out. And so, who stays and who goes? Katee and Joshua stay. After that, my bets are with Mark and Courtney staying, but at this point, I'd be happy with any combination of the six.
crazylovevbug crazylovevbug 8 years
mark, unfortunately, didn't seem to have the biggest fan base last night, although he is extremely talented, and i think he will be sitting out in the finale. as for the girls, they all are fantastic. it's all down to popularity tonight.
Megatron Megatron 8 years
I LOVE Vitamin String Quartet. Awesome! Yea, everyone had a spectacular night. This is my first time watching a full season. And am I glad I chose this season to get into it. It's amazing! Yea, the top four is going to be difficult. Yes, cumulatively Twitch has been the best but Joshua has risen to every challenge he has been given. My prediction: Twitch, Joshua, Katee, Chelsie.
dkaanoi dkaanoi 8 years
I wanted Mark to go about 3 episodes ago, but he really proved himself last night. So he just might have a chance if he's actually made it this far even to his own suprise.And with the entire state of Hawaii behind his back he aint goin nowhere. I think Twitch is gonna be the one to say byebye for the guys. Just because he was in the bottom last week and he's the only one the judges kinda dinged on during the mambo with Chelsie. And Josh was on fire so he's there to stay. As for the girls its definately not hard to see that Katee and Chelsie are gonna be dukin it out. Katee stepped her game all the way up! She is officially my favorite after last weeks performance with Twitch! And well Courtney? She has a cute personality but shes not gonna make it. So Joshua and Katee, Mark and Chelsie to the finale they go!!!
bffbbf4fun bffbbf4fun 8 years
bffbbf4fun bffbbf4fun 8 years
I'm just happy Twitch's and Chelsie's hip-hop routine was to the Vitaimin String Quartet- LOVE them!
em113 em113 8 years
I thought everyone had a good night. Per usual I was unimpressed with Tabitha and Napolean's choreography, so I felt as though Twitch and Chelsea didn't have a lot to work with. I voted for Twitch because, cumulatively, I think he's done the best of the guys left. Most of my votes went to Courtney, however. I think she has hands down, shown the most range and her enthusiasm is contagious. She's also the most entertaining girl left. I liked Katee more than I usually do (except for her same old terrible solo) but as Katee was dancing, I found myself thinking that Courtney and Chelsea could've done just as well had they been given the choreography, so I'm still not inclined to vote for her.
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