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"So You Think You Can Dance": A Very Special Episode

Last night's results episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" marked the start of boring Thursday night episodes. The decision has been made, and we're just waiting through an hour of programming to get there. Somehow "American Idol" makes me feel vaguely excited for this hour, but "SYTYCD," not as much. That being said, there was scandal!

Evidently, Wednesday night's show stirred up a whole heap of controversy, so last night had to begin with apologies (well, one apology and one half apology). First, Mia Michaels apologized for the jacket she wore the night before — a fashionable take on a military jacket, which apparently upset some members and families of US Marines.

Next, Nigel spoke about anger caused by Wade Robson's anti-war routine that all the dancers performed for their solos. Apparently the show was inundated with letters calling the show and dancers "unpatriotic" and against supporting our troops. Nigel apologized to anyone who felt disrespected/offended by the dance, but made the valid (to me at least) point that art should be able to make a statement, and at the end of the day no one is "pro war."

After Mika "sang" (okay, lip synced) in too-tight electric blue jeans, the dancers were narrowed down to the bottom four: Kameron, Dominic, Jaimie and Lauren. Those four then performed solos that didn't actually mean anything. Maybe they weren't giving it their all because the decision was already made, but only Dominic wowed me with his solo. As for eliminations: We said goodbye to Kameron & Jaimie. I can't say that I mind losing either of these two, but I was super surprised that Lauren was even in the bottom four. Maybe I'll have to start voting to keep my girl around.

To check out Pasha performing the controversial solo dance and decide for yourself what it meant, just

So what do you think? Thoughts about last night's episode? Were you upset by Wednesday's solo routine? Are you sad to see Kameron and Jaimie go?

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jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
As for Mia's jacket, it wasn't a "a fashionable take on a military jacket", it *was* a blouse (i.e. jacket) from a Marine Dress Blue uniform. This is something they wear 1.) on occasions where they want to show a tremendous amount of respect or 2.) when they are buried. To wear that with the rank upside down understandably upset a lot of people. Think about it this way, if she had worn a jacket from the Third Reich's uniform with the swastika adorned properly, people would have rightly assumed she was supporting Hitler's I don't think the reactions (including Dan Karaty's whose brother is a Marine) were out of line. That said, I think it was an honest mistake on her part and I believe her apology was heartfelt and sincere and totally makes up for it. As for the dance, it was definitely anti-war and it's a little silly to pretend it wasn't anti the war that's going on right now. BUT, this is art and artists make statements. I think it was great that Wade used his platform to speak on something that he's passionate about. Even though I don't agree with him. At the same time, it's silly to support his right to speak while denouncing people who chose to speak in reaction. He has every right to his opinion, as does everybody else who responded. I thought Nigel handled the response quite well. I did really like the dance. I loved that Danny clearly interpreted the dance and put his own mark on it and I wish the other dancers had done more of the same.
mizlynz mizlynz 9 years
I knew they'd probably catch some flack for the choreography routine, because it was so blatantly anti-war...but I agree with Nigel. Why shouldn't they be free to do that? I'm sad to see Jaimie go, but not surprised. And I don't think it was the fault of the dancers that their routine lacked what it needed to get votes. The actual choreography was lacking. Jaimie and Dom were just trying to make the most of it. Kam...I don't know why, but he just never grew on me.
Lanii Lanii 9 years
I'm not able to watch SYTYCD very much any more, sadly and I find that I'm not drawn to root for anyone. However, I do think that if you're going to Pro-Peace dances (should we call them instead of Anti-War) then maybe some balance? Maybe a dance about heroism in war? sacrifice and glory? Of course no one is in favor of death and bloody wars but we are in favor of a secure country and we're indebted to our soldiers. I think, at every chance we get, we should be encouraging them. We've no idea what it's like to be in their shoes. I, personally, always say thanks when I see soldiers on leave in the mall or wherever. It means a lot to them.
SexyNeverLeft78 SexyNeverLeft78 9 years
It was Kam's time to go. His take on Wade's solo was the 1st time he showed any sorft of emotion and I also think Lacey carried his azz this far. Dominic keeps surprising me and I love it! I loved Mia's jacket and thought Nigel's comments were approriate. WTF why can't ppl express themselves without a big public outcry. I swear the US is going to hell in a handbasket. *looking around before I end up getting censored*
marmiarmo marmiarmo 9 years
I liked Kameron, but I'm not surprised to see him go. I did think that he would leave very soon in the Top Ten. As long as Pasha and Sabra are still there, and to a lesser degree, Dominic, I'm not too bothered by the results. I now officially dislike Mia though, for her comment that my aodred Pasha should have been in the Bottom Four rather than Kameron.
roseate roseate 9 years
Lacey was pulling Kameron along this whole season, so I'm not surprised to see him go. Kameron is by no means a bad dancer, but he couldn't compete with the other guys. It's great that he's going on tour--he and Lacey can perform their amazing first dance! It's just going to continue to be harder and harder to lose contestants. I don't have any solid predictions for the top four, but a friend of mine thinks it'll be Danny, Neil, Lacey, and Sabra.
sherbear5 sherbear5 9 years
i loved kameron and am sad that he's gone. i really feel that the choreography he was given when he was partners with lacey was designed to showcase lacey's talent more so than kameron's. the judges even said that kameron's solo wednesday was great and i'm gonna have to agree.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
Fireyelectra, I agree with what you just said. I think people are so close-minded these days. Instead of just watching the beauty of these talented dancers, they have to ruin it by saying it's politically insensitive. Argh! makes me mad, not everyone supports the war but can support the troops.
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 9 years
I thought Kameron should have been off the show before now. Lacey was basically carrying the two when they were partners.
ailene ailene 9 years
I missed out on the solos on Thursday night... but I found a site that posted all four! If you're going to watch all four, save Dominic's for last. His was the best! Whooooo-hooooo!!!! :)
Cheetah521 Cheetah521 9 years
I KNEW Kameron was going home. Lacey's been keeping him safe and I think the judges would've sent him home a while ago if they'd been given an opportunity to do so.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
Another part of the outcry against the Wade Robson routine came from a host of people who felt it was wrong for Wade to force his political beliefs on the dancers performing that routine, which I think constitutes a gross misunderstanding of the role of a performer in an art piece. The dancer, actor or singer is usually only the vessel of those who write, compose and choreograph for them. It is the job of these artists to perform the work that they are given. Granted, performers often have a right to turn down a role or song that has been created for them if they disagree with it, but that's only when they're well-off enough that they can afford to disagree. And if you love your art enough, it won't matter what you are performing as long as you are able to do so.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
I think they made the right decision for the guys. I bet Kameron was super surprised to be in the bottom four because he hasn't been in the bottom three at all until last night. AND then he gets booted. I'm starting to think that whoever Lacey dances with will stay along with her. I mean look at Kameron, who obviously should have gone even before the other male dancers, and Danny, who's been in the bottom three for the past weeks and then gets to stay after having had danced with Lacey. Just my little theory.
ailene ailene 9 years
I was not sad to see Kameron go. He was my least favorite of all the guys. It was a little sad to see Jaime go, but I would have rather had her go than some of the other girls. I was so scared that Dominic was in jeopardy though! He is my favorite. I really hope that he can stick around longer. It'll be really tough to see anyone go home now.
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