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"So You Think You Can Dance": We Have Our Winner

So as I mentioned in the poll earlier today, Sabra Johnson is America's favorite dancer. The 20-year-old dancer got the biggest share of the 16 million votes cast after this week's performance show on "So You Think You Can Dance," netting her $250,000.

I had been rooting for Sabra all season, but Wednesday night's performances swayed me to Danny's side enough that I was just a little disappointed when Cat said Sabra's name. Still, based on the whole season, I think she's a worthy winner. Lacey was the first of the top four to be eliminated, followed by Neil. I'm glad it came down to Sabra and Danny at the top; I really would have been OK with either one of them at the end.

The finale was jam-packed with encore performances of the judges' favorite routines of the season, so to hear a few of my thoughts on the show and the season as a whole,

  • After all the hype the daughter-daddy dance got just a few weeks back, I was surprised how long it took for a judge to mention it as a favorite. In fact, I thought the Greatest Dance Performance Ever in the History of Television might not even get an encore. But it ultimately did, and so I'm wondering: Was it less effective for you the second time around? It seemed a lot cheesier to me.
  • I've mostly refrained from commenting on Cat's wardrobe this season, but seriously: What was that dress? She looked like she was wearing a hedgehog instead of a skirt. Also, I figured her "dancing" with Nigel was going to be lame, but I didn't think it would be entirely computer-generated.
  • Sabra might have won the title, but apparently the sleeper favorite among the judges was Sara. She appeared in three of the chosen routines: disco with Neil, swing with Pasha, and that hilarious vagabond jazz routine from the first week.
  • I'm sure Fox was skittish after the "American Idol" finale disaster and wanted to make sure the show ended right on time, but I was pretty disappointed that the entire crowning of the winner boiled down to: "And it's Sabra! (pause) See you next year!"
  • This is the first season that I've watched every episode from the auditions to the finale, and I was remarkably impressed with the dancers from the Las Vegas auditions onward. As with any show where voters help choose the winner, I thought a few contestants were sent home too soon and others hung around a bit too long. But overall, I was relatively happy with the top four and thought the top two were spot-on. Yet I've seen comments from many of you who have been more regular watchers in seasons past saying this year didn't quite do it for you. What was missing? Was it a talent issue? Choreography? Personality?

Photos courtesy of Fox

amazingchanges amazingchanges 10 years
Danny was best skilled! Sabra was good for 4 years but BORINGGGGGGG! If its a personality contest (which it seems to be) Americas Favorite dancer Pasha should have been in the top 4. As for Danny's sexuality who cares? And if you care why are you not questioning Neils Sexuality?
Sabra did so good. Im happy she won. They need to place a stop to all the nepitism next season. Not that Lacey and Danny weren't that good of dancers. But ya know, let's not see so and so's sister or brother or so and so's dancing assistant next season.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 10 years
The Daddy-Daughter dance wasn't as good as the first time because Neil's facials were all wrong. He wasn't in character and wasn't showing the right emotions. As for the winners, it had to be Sabra or Danny. Lacey and Neil seemed to prove to all of us that they don't truly love dancing every time they were asked to speak about it on camera. Neil just doesn't seem to care, and Lacey has quit dancing several times because she "really wanted to go to hair school." I am still amazed that Sabra has only been dancing for 4 years. That little girl is grace personified.
clutch26 clutch26 10 years
I would have been happy with either Sabra or Danny, but Danny was by far more technically perfect. The man is amazing! Sabra has an amazing stage presence though. Favorite number of the year is tied between Mandy Moore's "Negotiation" number and "Vagabond Cabaret". And, for the record, Danny is completely, flamboyantly gay. And who cares.
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 10 years
I really wanted Neil to win (and he appeared in 3 of the judges fave routines too). He was so much fun. And he showed the most growth for sure. I loved him. Sabra was my second choice, just because I don't like Lacey or Danny. But I think Sabra was really boring. I think had the judges not have praised her as much as they did in the past, there would've been i think little chance of her winning. I'm just happy neither Lacey or Danny won. Yay.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Sabra is a wonderful dancer. Though she didn't have the best performances in the finals, she is a deserving winner. Overall, I thought this season was great; I particularly like Mia's choreography. Great recap, Buzz.
desodaro desodaro 10 years
I was glad Danny and Sabra were the top two, the voters actually got it right, the most talented were at the top. Those two are amazing. I was happy with either one winning, although its nice to have a girl for the first time. Oh and not that it matters, but really not thinking Danny is gay, don't assume because he's a male dancer that he is. I wouldn't be surprised to find him hooking up with one of the girls on the show actually...they do spend a lot of time together after all!
Stacy14878746 Stacy14878746 10 years
This is my fave show, I swear. And I have the most gigantic crush on Hok. :-)
jiujiu jiujiu 10 years
I was super sad that Sabra won. She was great and adorable, but I really thought Lacey and Danny worked it a little more (though Neil was SO on lately).
princess_eab princess_eab 10 years
Danny is probably gay. I loved the whole season and MOST of the dancers. I loved the creative choreography and I hope they don't tone it down.... it's so high quality, even intellectual. you don't see that on TV much at all.
gib gib 10 years
This year was incredible, and the best choreography yet. The other years you dreaded watching anything latin or ballroom, but this year everything was fun. I loved Sabra for the whole show (is she dating Dominic? Is Danny dating Lauren, or is he gay?). She had a great attitude and could nail anything. Danny was such a gorgeous dancer, but he'll have a stellar career outside of this.
dixierain68 dixierain68 10 years
I'm very disappointed in the results. I was for either Neil or Lacey, so I wasn't happy at all. But at least Danny didn't win!
amorefol amorefol 10 years
Everyone in the top four was get and I would have been fine with Danny or or her winning, but I'm glad Sabra won. Congrats to her!
graylen graylen 10 years
As far as the Mia/Dad routine goes, I could see how it would feel cheesy to some. However, if you've ever lost a family member, as I have, the piece was infinitely touching because you could dream that reunion too. I cried, both times. I don't really think it was meant to be fantastic to everyone... just to express her dream of seeing her dad again.
hankadebisi hankadebisi 10 years
Why do you think Lauren got so much attention all season long? Even last night, she was all up on the screen. Instead of thanking Sabra, she mugged for the camera!
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
opps i meant "everything" not "everyone"
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
buzz, you and i are thinking alike on everyone about the show last night. lastly, i started watching the show from last year's seson and i think this season was the better season from the two. great dancers with great personality, memorable routines especially's wade's hummingbird piece (i still love that one), drama (danny'a arrogance, cedric, jessie's not performaing) and lastly TALENT! they were all uniquely talented. i was drawn more to these contestants than last year's.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 10 years
I don't thnk one night's performance should cross out all her other superb performances and that's what they all were superb. And you have to admit the choreography was HEINOUS on Wednesday!! She killed it all season and one solo should not make her less deserving than people who were blah and then popped in the last two shows, who were good but couldn't emote enough to the audience or were sometimes just too much.
purselova418 purselova418 10 years
I would have been happy with any of the top 4 winning, I didn't have a favorite. However, Neil really started to grow on me he is really talented. After seeing Sara dance so much in the finale, I thought she should have been in the top 2. I am happy they picked mostly fun dances for the finale and not a waltz. I didn't find Mia's dad routine any better the 2nd time around. I would have liked to see Danny & Niels dual routine again though, I loved it. I was happy to see Neil and Sabras routine with the table again though.
elizabee elizabee 10 years
I was so happy she won. I have liked her all season, though I would've been happy with either her or Danny winning. I too was impressed/surprised with how many times Sara showed up in the judge's favorite dances. Also thought it was interesting who they chose as the "backup" dancers for the tour. I was disappointed at how quick the show ended after they announced Sabra as the winner. Didn't give her much time to celebrate, etc. on camera.
snooge426 snooge426 10 years
She is so amazing. I love everything about her and I think that she is an amazing performer. She definitely deserved to winnn!!!
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