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"So You Think You Can Dance": And Then There Were 12

I didn't really want to be right about my picks for the bottom three couples on this week's "So You Think You Can Dance" — but, alas. Voters put Danny and Anya, Hok and Jaimie, and Cedric and Shauna at the bottom, and after the solos, the judges sent Cedric and Shauna home.

I think the judges got it right on the guys' side — even though Cedric's solo was my favorite of his gumby-dance performances from the season. He's amazing at what he does, but he does struggle outside of that, and I think it's right to let him go, just as the judges promised they'd do if he landed in the bottom three again. Say whatever you will about his arrogance, but Danny delivered another amazing solo. I am a little worried about Hok, though; he can save himself with his crazy solos, but why is he ending up in the bottom three in the first place? Judging from the roars in the auditorium, he's a crowd favorite; maybe he'd be better with another partner?

As for the girls, though, I'm not sure I agree with the choices. Anya is obviously at a disadvantage soloing as a ballroom dancer without a partner, but even with my lowered expectations because of that, her solo still left me cold (though it was better than last week's strutting). Shauna's solo was strong (though not as good as the one that saved her the week Jimmy went home), and I was sure she'd be ahead of Anya. I didn't like Jaimie's as much, though I thought she'd probably done enough to keep her there and send Anya home. But the judges sent Shauna packing instead, saying she hadn't shown as much growth over the season as the other two. Which I don't buy for a second: She'd been strong in Broadway, hip hop, contemporary and mambo so far, and that's a pretty wide range of styles to tackle.

Do you think the judges made the right call? And which dancers do you think need to step it up for next week?

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okorolina40 okorolina40 9 years
I know Cedtric and he is a genuine person and an awesome dancer. I was thnking that he would be going home, but not without a decent performance, and I;m glad he got the chance to shine more potential into the judges eyes. As far as The women go I am stunned by what they consider lack of personality. SHauna seemed pretty bubbly to me. Sabra is my absolute favorite, and if I were to choose, it would have been Anya, but her dances have a little more passion in them.. just needs to be extended into the solos, along with more technique other than the ballroom "sashays" that shes been doing the last few weeks. I mean, can we see some levels -- to the floor, leaps, turns,non-partnered footwork.. something?
fireyelectra fireyelectra 9 years
I expected Anya to go home. While I agree that it is difficult for a ballroom dancer to really show what they can do in a solo, I remember her real-life partner Pasha's solos always being a lot more entertaining. (I say the same about Season 1's Artem, and not just because I have a fat crush on his sexy Russian-ness.) Even Faina's solo the week she went home was better than Anya's was this week. Shauna may not have much in the way of personality, but that girl does amazing solo work, and as someone mentioned, she has tackled a pretty wide range of dance styles. But I guess that if we can't have two girls who are really uninteresting, so we decided to keep Jamie instead . . . sigh.
wickedk8 wickedk8 9 years
I feel like at this point in the competition it is really hard to decide who should go home. I think all the girls are amazing, Shauna included, and that's why it came down to growth and personality. On the guys side, I think Hok should go next, and then who knows. They all are great in my book.
sumbum sumbum 9 years
i totally agree w/ divinedebris...what is up w/ Lauren's outfits?? yes, that "dress" she wore to the premire was totally tacky. blech. she's very cute, but she's losing points w/ me! i agree w/ the judges decision. i've been wanting cedric to go home for the past couple of weeks. i was totally devastated they chose cedric to stay over jesus. =(
dancinallie dancinallie 9 years
oh boo i liked shauna:(
bhilb bhilb 9 years
I was really upset that Shauna was kicked off! Not only was her solo better, but she also has shown herself to be a more versatile dancer.
danes danes 9 years
i agree with the Cedric leaving, even though I think he is amazing to watch solo. But as for the girls, Shauna was the only one of those three that I liked.
divinedebris divinedebris 9 years
I really did like Shauna and I wish she didn't have to go home but I'm not that emotionally invested in this show. And it is me, or does Lauren dress with less clothes than anyone else on the show? They went to the Hairspray premiere and she wore underwear! She didn't look attractive at all. Honestly, the way she dresses turns me right off to her.
Whoaaa-Stephanie Whoaaa-Stephanie 9 years
aww i really liked cedric and shauna but i guess the judges sent them home because they've been in the bottom 3 the most?
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
i know but they are gona be split just now which really just frigging pains especially after WEd's performance. I was wondering if they actually kissed at the end of tat routine cos those heads were a litle too close. OIh and Cedric has the most gorgeous smile known to man, it just melts my heart.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
nyar i was going to say sabra but i like sabra and dominic together.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
hok and sabra she is the smallest girl out there can you imagine sabra and pasha it would be like thumbelina and the bfg.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
i think everyone needs to step it up, especially for danny and anya. they have been in the bottom three second time in a row so i think that says a lot about who the public likes or doesn't like. i'm not really sure hok needs a new partner. considering hok is shorter than the rest of the guys, jaime seems to be more compatible with his height than any other girls. i was hoping that if they have to switch partners shauna would be my pick for his new partner again because she's compatible with his height. can you imagine if hok was paired with Anya, who is taller than him? what an interesting partnership that would be. i still adore hok.
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