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"So You Think You Can Dance": And Then There Were 12

"So You Think You Can Dance": And Then There Were 12

I didn't really want to be right about my picks for the bottom three couples on this week's "So You Think You Can Dance" — but, alas. Voters put Danny and Anya, Hok and Jaimie, and Cedric and Shauna at the bottom, and after the solos, the judges sent Cedric and Shauna home.

I think the judges got it right on the guys' side — even though Cedric's solo was my favorite of his gumby-dance performances from the season. He's amazing at what he does, but he does struggle outside of that, and I think it's right to let him go, just as the judges promised they'd do if he landed in the bottom three again. Say whatever you will about his arrogance, but Danny delivered another amazing solo. I am a little worried about Hok, though; he can save himself with his crazy solos, but why is he ending up in the bottom three in the first place? Judging from the roars in the auditorium, he's a crowd favorite; maybe he'd be better with another partner?

As for the girls, though, I'm not sure I agree with the choices. Anya is obviously at a disadvantage soloing as a ballroom dancer without a partner, but even with my lowered expectations because of that, her solo still left me cold (though it was better than last week's strutting). Shauna's solo was strong (though not as good as the one that saved her the week Jimmy went home), and I was sure she'd be ahead of Anya. I didn't like Jaimie's as much, though I thought she'd probably done enough to keep her there and send Anya home. But the judges sent Shauna packing instead, saying she hadn't shown as much growth over the season as the other two. Which I don't buy for a second: She'd been strong in Broadway, hip hop, contemporary and mambo so far, and that's a pretty wide range of styles to tackle.

Do you think the judges made the right call? And which dancers do you think need to step it up for next week?

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