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Soapbox: Captivity

I have never once had any inclination to see the latest "torture porn" movie Captivity, but after reading the most scathing review in the world, I'm even less interested. In fact, I'm nauseated, in a similar way to how I felt about Hostel: Part 2, but even more so.

Apparently, the "plot" of the movie consists of blond model Jennifer (Elisha Cuthbert) being tortured in a variety of ways by a sadistic man. Meanwhile, there's another guy in this dungeon who also appears to be getting tortured, so of course the two form an relationship and, unbelievably, have sex. Because I'd sure be up for some nooky after having ground up body parts forced down my throat. Sure. As you'll find out if you read that review, that's not even the worst part of the film, if you can possibly imagine it.

The worst thing about this whole thing — the movie, the ridiculous promotional posters — is the filmmakers' reaction to the outcry over it. For obvious reasons, women's groups have denounced the film (though they're not the only ones, the writer of the aforementioned review, for example, is a full-grown married man) and the response to that is, "Let's throw a torture porn party!" I wish I were kidding. You can see how not-kidding I am if you

Cinematical describes the party, being thrown in West Hollywood by the Captivity filmmakers, as reported in the New York Times:

[Producer Courtney Solomon is] planning one of the craziest, most politically incorrect premiere party's in history; one that wil...feature, among other things, "the three 'most outlandish' SuicideGirls available from the punk porn service." Solomon also promised "individuals in torture gear" who will wander through the club grabbing people.

Regarding aspects of the extravagant event, which Solomon admits are "probably not legal," he says it's his "personal little tribute" to all the women's groups who are opposing the film. Another interesting note in the article is the fact that Captivity will screen only once prior to its release — not for critics, mind you, but for women's groups in New York. Following the screening, Solomon wants to "engage in a town-hall-style debate with detractors."

What kind of "debate" can one have with these people? How does one intellectually discuss the "merits" of a movie that puts forth violence toward women and sexual deprivation as entertainment? Clearly the filmmakers only want to make a mockery of these women's groups. I'm not sure what possesses people to make movies like this, and I can only hope this one bombs at the box office, as happened to Hostel: Part 2.

partysugar partysugar 10 years
dcmurray1970 dcmurray1970 10 years
i did not like hostel. i thought it was stupid so i will not see this movie.
brittanybe brittanybe 10 years
That review was friggin awesome, Dustin is my hero. Loved that captivity bombed in its opening weekend!
calamityjen calamityjen 10 years
I understand the people who say not to judge the movie till you see it, but this seems to be a more extreme kind of case...I don't see anything artistic or purposeful in this kind of movie. At all. What's the point? What's entertaining about watching this kind of gore?? Ugh.
soulight soulight 10 years
No, women weren't tortured, but it played into this mysogynistic idea that women are one dimensional and at their root, inhumane. That women lack the ability to empathize and metophorically (and literaly in the movie) suck men dry and try to destroy them. Eli Roth in an interview in the magazine Interview even discusses the mysogynistic aspects of his movie.
tralalala tralalala 10 years
I think it's a little upsetting that everyone is lumping this movie in with Hostel when I'm pretty sure a large percentage of you haven't seen it. It's a really smart film and once you look through the torture aspects, I think some of you would like it. And just a reminder to everyone; Hostel wasn't about women getting tortured. It was guys. Eli Roth is brilliant, and one of the nicest people in the film industry. So let's please stop comparing him to these douchebags.
pud3333 pud3333 10 years
So, he didn't like the movie, right? I haven't seen the movie, so I can't really judge it, but I will say that I'm not against violent movies, so long as there is proper context and rational for it. Violence, even torture, can be used effectively in movies or in other forms of art, but violence for the sake of violence (which seems to be what this reviewer was implying) isn't cool or fun, it's at worst, offensive, and at best, boring. Personally, when it comes to so-called torture porn, Hostel for example, is a movie i quite enjoyed. Not for the torture, but for how smart the movie was in all the various themes underlying the actual plot. The director himself said he wrote the script with ideas of american imperialism involved. About american dominance and the subversion of it. Or a movie like Dawn of the Dead, which takes place in a mall, and says a lot about commercialism and our materialistic society. See, that kind of stuff can be effective. But this movie doesn't seem like it has any brains what-so-ever, and is just out to shock. however, This guy's reaction to it, while an honest reaction, honestly just makes me want to see the movie an see what the fuss is about. If I hadn't have read that, I would never have bothered. Funny how that works. I suppose it's like being told not to do something, which only makes you want to go do it. Actually, forget it. I'd rather spend my money on beer.
krampalicious krampalicious 10 years
thank you so much for commenting on this and linking to the pajiba review. i hope the ten people who go see it are filled with the same sense of rage and disgust that this kind of thing passes for "entertainment" anymore, although why they would go see it in the first place is completely beyond me. the sad thing is that my little sister loves the Saw and Hostel movies, and i have sinking suspicion that she will go see it, and probably love it. i'll have to have a serious talk with her about it, but i'm sure she just shrug me off, as usual. i just worry what these kinds of things are doing not only to the mind of young women out there who think this kind of thing is okay, but also to the young men out there who might be getting ideas. fortunately, this movie came in 11th at the box offices so far this weekend, behind the Fantastic 4 movie, which has been out for at least a month. thank god for harry potter.
SophiaKatya SophiaKatya 10 years
i wouldn't be as disgusted if the filmakers weren't "trying to make a mockery" of these womens groups. how completly pompous and disrespectful i have a feeling this will do well in the theaters just because of all this commotion :-/
ddene5713 ddene5713 10 years
she may have decided to make the movie b/c at the time she got the script, you all have to admit that the saw movies and hostel was really popular so she prob thought fans would flock to the movie b/c everyone was so into the torture porn genre then. she signed on for the movie over a year or so ago, am i right?
whiskeyrogue whiskeyrogue 10 years
elisha cuthbert was thinking of a paycheck. obviously it was enough to cover any amount of common sense the girl had left.
azbezzy azbezzy 10 years
ugh, that movie just looks godawful. elisha cuthbert should be ashamed of herself.
designergirl designergirl 10 years
What the hell was Elisha Cuthbert thinking when she agreed to do this movie?
snakeice snakeice 10 years
found links to captivity premiere party pictures at privilege
(cool celeb photos and awesome artistic photography!!)
(more portrait shots, celebs and guests)
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
The scathing review was powerful indeed. Kudos to the National Organization for Women and other women's groups who have declined the invitation to attend the screening. You're right, Buzz, what kind of debate can be had with these filmmakers?
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
Oh. My. Goodness.
sumnboutme sumnboutme 10 years
I agree with everyone in hoping this movie bombs and hopefully its failure will spawn a new trend of NOT making any more of these types of movies. There's already too much violence as it is, filmmakers (and producers) don't need to add to it.
Francesca-Fiore Francesca-Fiore 10 years
Wow, that was an astonishingly powerful review. Almost a call to arms. I'm very impressed, I always forget how rad Pajiba is, and it sounds like they were right on here. I really hope this movie completely bombs. Not that it would cause any self-reflection on the part of the writer and director though.
JessNess JessNess 10 years
ewwww the movie just looks bad from the preview. Im not a fan of the Hostel movies. I will definitely not be seeing this
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
Wow. That review is unbelievable.
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