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Music Video: Solange Knowles's "I Decided"

There has been a spate of pseudo-celebs releasing their "singles" and "videos" onto the Web, like the recent one from Lindsay's little sister Ali Lohan. I've felt a little barraged with these "songs" because they're pretty lame — over-produced, unoriginal, etc. The videos are often worse. If they're not rolling around a beach in their bikini they're gyrating in a club and the whole production is basically strobe lights and sweaty mid-sections.

So I was so happy when I finally caught the video for Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles's song "I Decided" on TV because it is so good. Visually, it's totally absorbing with all the beautiful colors and retro images taking us through the Motown era right up until the '90's. The song itself is catchy and different — blending current R&B beats with something a little doo-wop.

Check it out for yourself and let me know if this is one famous sibling who actually has some talent and perhaps even an artistic point of view (instead of just a reality TV show and/or famous DNA). To watch,



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amofoz amofoz 8 years
It IS different but I felt it to be too long and repetitive so I had to turn it off before it finished.
Brandi13jrm Brandi13jrm 8 years
Eh, it's alright.
gigill gigill 8 years
This a pretty catchy song and I liked the concept for the video as well. I was going to say that I was glad to see Solange doing her own thing and not trying to be like her sis, but then there are those bits at the end where it looks like she is trying to be Beyonce, so I felt a bit let down after seeing that.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
not a typical fan of new age R&B but I like this a little. The video is totally cool though
alethia037 alethia037 8 years
They've been playing this on VH1 in the mornings - I love it!
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years
I'm not at all a fan of modern R&B, so I can't say that I love the song - but it was unique and fun. I certainly didn't hate it. And it was much better than anything Beyonce has done. The video itself was AWESOME, visually.
Phorrest99 Phorrest99 8 years
it's actually pretty good! its nice to see/hear some famous siblings with some talent, instead of ones just trying to ride out on their famous siblings talents.
uptown_girl uptown_girl 8 years
I think the video looks cool, but I don't think there's anything special about her voice, or original about the song or sound. I just think there was more money to throw behind her. Give me Adele, Duffy, Estelle, Amy Winehouse over her ANNNNNNY DAY!
girlgreen girlgreen 8 years
i like the song because pharrell did it, but i don't care that it's her, it could be anyone singing it.
missjenny22 missjenny22 8 years
i know i will sound like a hater and i dont mean to, but i actually hate this song... i expected so much from her... maybe cuz she is beyonces sister....
BeatBoxANNI BeatBoxANNI 8 years
I really like Solange. I'm not a Beyonce fan, so she's definitely a breath of fresh air.
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
I don't know if I would call it fast to get pregnant by your boyfriend and then marry him by 18. Careless... yes. Fast... no. Could there have been a "fast" period in her life. Maybe. Do we have proof. Not really. Besides, she's talking about her current mentality on the situation. I feel the same way about people my age. I'm just past that point of making irresponsible decisions. That's just me. As far as finding out that she has talent, this isn't her first album. She's been on a few albums before. She's the lead for the "Proud Family" song. She had her own identity before. I'm just happy to see her back on the grind. I'm looking forward to her perfecting her unique sound. I love how raw she sounds compared to Beyonce. Don't get it twisted. B can blow. I'm just happy she's not trying to sound like her.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
I actually really like it. She's talented, unlike so many of these other "singers" out the right now. She looks SO much like Beyonce!
JaeB JaeB 8 years
I love her dress in the picture above. So pretty! Pretty good song, I liked it. Fun video. I'd like to catch it on t.v., because my computer didn't do it justice. Solange's retro theme throughout reminded me of her sister in DreamGirls, and the last part seemed very Beyoncé music video style (doesn't help that they look alike), which is okay, but I hope Solange is being herself. Listening to the song, her talent is good enough for her to be herself.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
LOL number6_ed, i had never really sat down and watched or listened to the song. It's good.
number6_ed number6_ed 8 years
I think it's a cute song. She looks so much like her sister in the last part. I actually think the beginning part is pretty funny where she talks about deciding not to be like all those other "fast" girls when in real life she was married and knocked up before she even turned 18.
sugaraddict-sure sugaraddict-sure 8 years
so cute!
Fab84 Fab84 8 years
Love it!!!
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