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Something Blue Movie Poll

Does Something Borrowed Deserve a Film Sequel?

I read Emily Giffin's novel Something Borrowed, as well as its sequel, Something Blue, last Summer, finding both novels to be relatable (though at times frustrating), but enjoyable beach reads. With that said, I was disappointed with the film adaptation, and couldn't hide that in my review for Something Borrowed. However, there were two bright spots in the movie: John Krasinski and Kate Hudson.

Sarcastic Ethan and sassy Darcy easily have the most personality of any of the characters in the film, and their performances were the most fun to watch. With that in mind, I'm actually rooting for Something Blue, the sequel that follows Ethan and Darcy in London, to get the big-screen treatment. The story is more straightforward with fewer side characters, and Krasinski and Hudson could very well have believable comedic chemistry that turns into romance. Whether or not the film will get made is still up in the air, so tell me — do you think Something Borrowed deserves a sequel, even though it isn't soaring at the box office or with critics?

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breannas breannas 5 years
I just read Something Blue, I started this morning and just finished it. I have read and seen Something Borrowed and LOVE them both! I think that Something Blue just HAS TO be made into a movie sequel and with the same cast too! I vote 100% that this book has to be made into a movie! HAS TO! 
kellybowman3 kellybowman3 5 years
Something Blue absolutely, without a doubt needs to be made into a movie.  I watched Something Borrowed and although I struggled with the concept of everyone cheating on each other the entire time, I still LOVED the movie.  And then a friend of mine read Something Blue and said I had to do the same because of how good it was.  Darcy is such a roller-coaster character, and I can see Kate Hudson portraying her so well with all her little quirks and such.  And then to go to London and be a diva about everything, totally fits her, only to have a change of character and ultimately find herself and find happiness with the LAST suspecting person ever.  It is a FANTASTIC read and the way the first movie ended left room for a sequel.  There is just more to be said obviously...  Please bring everyone back and put them in there, including Marcus, without him, the story would have no fluidity. GREAT BOOK, would be an EVEN GREATER MOVIE. The first one is a fabulous movie too... I don't know what people said about it not being a blockbuster hit, but I thought it was.  
Bpate Bpate 5 years
The sequel deff needs to be made! i saw something borrowed & read something blue, & gosh i loved it, it almost made me cry! The people that say it doesnt need a sequel are just absolutely crazy!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
By most accounts John and Kate were the best parts of the "Something Borrowed" movie, and since "Something Blue" is a far superior novel to SB, I'd definitely be open to seeing the sequel. They'd HAVE TO do it in London though. I still have to see "Something Borrowed". I read the book, but I'm scared to see the movie. How much did they change? Specifically in regards to Ethan?
elle619 elle619 6 years
I read both book and like Something Blue much more. After watching the movie and being disappointed the only comment I had was "I hope it doesn't totally tank because the sequel was a far better story and should be made."
abbeycat34 abbeycat34 6 years
I have read both "Something Borrowed" & "Something Blue" to say I LOVED "Something Blue" ALOT more...a story that had come full circle!! I probably might not even see "Something Borrowed" BUT the sequel would be a whole other story!! Can't wait to see Kate in the sequel!! I bet she makes the perfect Darcy!!
Katie-Henry Katie-Henry 6 years
Looooooooooooved it. John+Kate, i need this to happen!
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 6 years
Something Blue changed my perspective on all of the characters. Without that part, the story is only half told!
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