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Does Something Borrowed Deserve a Film Sequel?

I read Emily Giffin's novel Something Borrowed, as well as its sequel, Something Blue, last Summer, finding both novels to be relatable (though at times frustrating), but enjoyable beach reads. With that said, I was disappointed with the film adaptation, and couldn't hide that in my review for Something Borrowed. However, there were two bright spots in the movie: John Krasinski and Kate Hudson.

Sarcastic Ethan and sassy Darcy easily have the most personality of any of the characters in the film, and their performances were the most fun to watch. With that in mind, I'm actually rooting for Something Blue, the sequel that follows Ethan and Darcy in London, to get the big-screen treatment. The story is more straightforward with fewer side characters, and Krasinski and Hudson could very well have believable comedic chemistry that turns into romance. Whether or not the film will get made is still up in the air, so tell me — do you think Something Borrowed deserves a sequel, even though it isn't soaring at the box office or with critics?

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